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Small Mushroom Identification


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Found a few of these in the backyard, didn't pay them much mind until I found a young one popping up that matches psilocybe semilanceata.  Identification has been different depending on app and it can't find an exact match although I believe it to be a deceiver.  Any thoughts as to the genus?



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Agreed!  I personally believe to be deceivers (Laccaria laccata).  Stayed almost the same color after drying short of some black on lower stem and cap edges. Very tough cap and stem.  Spore print yielded nothing visible unfortunately.  I've added another shot for scale.  I estimate the caps to be between 1 to 1.2 cm in size at best.



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Added possible genus name
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Maybe a species of Laccaria. If you have a microscope, then Laccaria spores look different than those of the other genera I mentioned above. Laccaria spores are round or almost round and covered in sharp warts/spines. You need to be able to magnify to 400x, and mounting in a stain like Congo red is helpful. 

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