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The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly


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My name is Heather and I am just starting to learn about mushrooms. I am a nature loving person, but never have I ever seen so many mushrooms as I have the last two years. I know my plants and want to learn to identify mushrooms too. I have a couple of books I ordered today as recommended by someone that is married to a person in another forum, but sometimes having people who know what they're doing will help me. As soon as I can, I will find someone local that has classes, but for now, the forums it is. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps. I'm in central Illinois, not famous for its fungus, but it seems there's more and more of it lately. I am looking forward to learning about mushrooms while here, the ones that are good to eat, the ones that might be edible but are bad, and the ones that can kill you. lol

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Welcome!! You’ve come to the right place !!  Very knowledgeable folks here. Take a few minutes to read the pinned topics in ID section before posting. May save you the headache of not getting a good proposal from lack of description on proposed specimen. Enjoy your stay !! Lol Very obsessive hobby !!!

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