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Amanita ?

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The one thing that seems unusual for A. brunnescens is that the stalk base is clavate (slightly/smoothly enlarged below). A. brunnescens is sometimes called either the "cleft-foot Amanita" of the "star-foot Amanita" on account of the way the abrupt basal bulb splits vertically. I would suggest A. submacukata as an alternative ID, but the spores --globose/subglobose; ie. round/almost-round-- are a better fit for brunnescens. There's another similar provisionally named species --A. maryaliceae-- that also has spores that are more ellipsoid than the ones seen here. Interesting. Probably an atypical example of brunnescens.

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Would you consider the second photo an example of a vertical split of the bulb?

I know in one of my previous posts listed below brunnescens was determined due to cleft foot base. This base does not necessarily look the same but the spore size is the same... 

Submacukata spore size seems too small and are normally ellipsoid.

Any idea on further analysis techniques?


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The split along the lower part of the stalk seen here looks a lot different that the typical splits seem on the basal bulb of A. brunnescens. The bulb on this species is abrupt, and there are usually several splits seen only on the bulb. I think you have an example of brunnescens that did not fro  in the normal way. Looks like maybe the long vertical split may have contributed to the bulb not forming normally. 

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