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Large white mushroom ID request


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Hi, could anyone help with identifying this mushroom? 

- found near birch trees - however may be unhelpful because it was found upturned and already picked from the ground - don't know where it was picked from

- live in the uk, frequent rain

- as shown, is a large white mushroom with dark gills

- cap diameter was 25cm across, with ragged edge (as shown) and the sides of the cap slope up (shown in img 3)

- thought they might be pavement mushrooms but it seems to big to be one?

- found the mushroom's stem with a yellow patch on it, but after bruising it the flesh did not turn yellow

thank you!



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Looks like a species of Agaricus. The yellow stain ad large size suggest genus Agaricus section Arvenses, the "Horse Mushrooms". But, Agaricus is a large complicated genus that includes some toxic species. So, although Horse Mushrooms are good edible types, I cannot recommend this as edible; at least not without knowing more details.

Odor? Do the gills reach the stalk? Or do the gills terminate short of the stalk? 

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