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Amanita Vaginata or ?

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I assume you mean Vero Beach, Florida. Location is important. 

Amanita vaginata is a European species and --despite being documented in many North American filed guides-- it does not occur here in NA. Instead, there are numerous NA species that produce similar-looking mushrooms; grouped under the heading genus Amanita section Vaginatae. Does the mushrooms seen here represent one of these species? Maybe. Looks like the cap has a striate margin (grooved). But, this is just one feature among several that would need to be assessed for proposing placement in genus Amanita. For a better discussion we need a fruit body that is carefully and completely extracted from the soil; you may need to dig up the base of the stalk. The specimen then needs to be photographed from different perspectives so that key feature may be assessed. Take the photos outdoors in a shaded area that is close to a well-lit open area... so that glare is avoided but there's good ambient light.

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Thanks Dave. Here is another one I found like 2 feet away from the first. Doesn't look quite the same but has the same distinctive brown center and white scales or stains in the cap. No ring in the steam (so I am guessing maybe not Amanita then) and cream color steam and cream color spines. I am not smelling this one lol. Maybe a milky chocolate Mushroom?


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"Milky chocolate mushroom"...? I don't know this name. 

Amanita species in section Vaginatae mostly have no ring on the stalk (no partial veil). But these types have striate cap margins (radial grooves imprinted along the edge). I don't see this with this mushroom.

Need photos that show more details... underside, entire stalk, gill attachment(or if the gills do not attach to the stalk). 

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Yes that the problem Dave. Both were growing less than 2 feet from each other in my wood. But the first hast striate cap and the last doesn't. But both have same center and white spots or stains. Nature is playing games with me. Or else ... I smelled a magic mushroom Lol

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