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These might be growing on ash roots

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Just found these this morning.  Where they are growing, we took down a large ash tree.  Ground the stump. They might be growing from the ash root or the stump grindings. 


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They look like a Pluteus. Gills free, they will become pink. Pink spore print. Maybe P. petasatus, they have small scales in the center. ??  P. cervinus ( a group) usually has radial streaking on the cap. ?? 



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I agree with bobby. The pale caps with the small scales on the discs are likely Pluteus petasatus. To be confident your pink-spored mushrooms mushrooms represent genus Pluteus and not genus Entoloma (toxic) make sure the gills are truly free; ie. not reaching/touching the stalks. Kevin's mushrooms appear to feature truly free gills. 

Good example of why seeing the undersides of caps is often essential to discuss ID. 

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