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Found 4 results

  1. Excited to take up this fun and yum hobbies.. Live in Cambridge, ont and cottage in muskoka.. last couple weeks I have found shaggy mane, lions mane and honey's.. ate the shaggies which were a success! Just picked the later two, today. Anyone like to forage around cambridge area and would be kind enough to share any good locations? Thank you and look forward to hearing.and sharing with everyone.. Cheers Kevin
  2. SamVT

    Turkey Tail?

    Top & bottom views. I hear Turkey Tail are white underneath, but turn to brownish with age (as seen?)
  3. CloudyCrow

    Rain Hike Today!

    As some of you may know, California has been in a drought for sometime now.The rains have come though, and as a crucial part of our mushroom hunting season and mycology overall, I do hope they continue! Today I was able to locate some Earthstars, as well as waterlogged Turkey Tail ( No tea for me :[ ). I did notice some younger looking Turkey Tail developing. Hopefully some more specimens will begin to fruit! Happy hunting to everyone!