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Found 2 results

  1. Hello i am growing pink and yellow oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. Today while i was misting them i notice that my shiitake mushrooms mycelium was turning brown on a side and was wondering if thats nrmal, my pink oyster mycelium has a pink color to its mycelium , do shiitake's get a brown color? Take a look at the pics down below and let me know if i need to throw it out or leave it. the shiitake mushrooms are fruiting ( the pins are comeing out and growing out the side of the bucket)
  2. The flower surface mushroom is the top grade of the mushroom, known as the ” delicacies from the land”, which is famous for its large size, thick mushroom, low water content and long shelf life. The flower surface mushroom production maintains its natural pure features, and its pure taste is pure.The flower surface mushroom is the top grade among the mushrooms. Mushrooms are divided into three categories according to their quality: wild, wooden artificial bacteria and bagging mushrooms. Each category is divided into three kinds of flower surface mushrooms, thick mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. Generally divided into three levels: one is the flower surface mushroom. The flower surface mushrooms are only as large as copper and they are all flowered. Mushrooms are hypertrophic, fresh, rich in aroma, complete cap, white with yellowish cracks, shaped like chrysanthemum petals, this is the mushroom surface after frostbite, the sun formed and bridged and formed, so also known as chrysanthemum mushrooms. Bacteria in the roll, bacteria fold white and clean, short stipe.https://www.norcentagri.com/the-flower-surface-mushrooms/
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