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Found 2 results

  1. Here are photos of two finds in Vermont this year. I like to think they are different species, pulmonarius and ostreatus, to explain their drastic differences. The white ones: September 21, maple tree, weather still fairly summery. The brown ones: November 9, log of uncertain variety, weather cold for autumn. I feel confident that the brown are ostreatus, but I believe many would consider these both ostreatus, and attribute the differences to environmental factors. What do you think: different species or the same? Or different subspecies?
  2. Hi y'all... I'm new around here. We moved to our property late last year in Northern Michigan, so we have very limited knowledge about what grows here and what doesn't. Found this dead branch (very likely an aspen, I think quaking) on the ground yesterday with clusters coming up mainly between the dirt and the branch. Came back today and the size of the mushrooms did not appear to increase in size. Feels slightly slick/slimy... but that may be because they are pretty damp (lots of rain and cool weather lately). Largest cap: ~2-2.5" x 1.25-1.5" Thickness (or thinness): ~.25" Spore print: i'm guessing tan / buff / brown I'd call the gills close, tan to brown cap, pale to buff gills, pleasant mushroomy scent. I've never picked or consumed an oyster mushroom before. I would think it'd be a bit thicker if it is an oyster. I was thinking Aspen Oyster, but the thinness and the brown cap is throwing me off. Your wisdom is appreciated!
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