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Found 3 results

  1. This is the mushroom bunch I found while hiking in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora district to be precise. It has brownish gills with very less amount of spore print. Although the little anount of spores that were collected were dark brown in colour. The top is totally white with someof them having very pale blue linings at the periphery. Kindly help me identify this species.
  2. Hi im a shroom hunter from nor cal where we are really lucky to have an abundance of mushroom varieties of excellent quality. after all the redwoods are located in a temperate rain forest so we get lots of water, 36 inches last month. I'm really excited to join this forum and share my love of mushroom hunting, cooking, identification, chemistry, and fun uses like dying and art. feel free to send me cool pictures or questions to me. I love to cook too and trade recipes.
  3. Hi there Im new to hunting mushrooms and my first find are these mushrooms I found growing in my east coast neighborhood. I am now wondering if these are psychedelic or not because there gills are a dark purple/black but they do not bruise blue. Could these be liberty caps? They sell very earthy. Also they were growing in the middle of summer which is not usually the ideal conditions of psilocybes. Are there any other species that has this feature because I would not like to be in possession of a poisonous mushroom or even psychedelic for that matter. Can someone tell me the species it is and if they contain psilocybin? I would appreciate the help a lot thanks. (also there were bugs crawling on the inside of the cap does this mean that they're safe to consume? All these views and no replies? Some one has to know.Please help.
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