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Found 6 results

  1. So my grandmother has a ton of these growing around a massive oak tree on some of the exposed roots that just break the surface. I ran clear over this set of mushrooms while mowing her yard and through one way or another it exploded all over one side of my body and face and a bit got in my mouth. I immediately spit it out and this has been a solid 24 hours with no ill effects . Just curious what they are. A cursory glance of the googles makes me think they are jack o lanterns but the coloring doesn’t seem right. thanks!
  2. Found these about 2 yards from a western KY river, growing on very old driftwood and I couldn't identify the type of tree. Cap is convex and orangish pink, Google searching shades of orange show "salamander" to be the closest to it's color. Top of cap is very succulent looking, almost translucent and has maze like wrinkles. Largest cap ~ 1.5cm wide and total height with stem ~1cm. Gills white with a tinge of pink. Gills close but not crowded, adnexed. The stem similar in color to gills but more white, largest stem ~.5cm. Some clusters and some individual, all growing from fuzzy white mold-like streaks along the wood. Honey yellow "sap" ozzing from a couple without disturbance the consistency being between oil and watered down honey. Spore print light yellow brown. Any suggestions help thank you!
  3. I have this interesting and quite large (3 to 4 ft in length, seems like) orange parchment hanging around my local conservation in the stripped bark of a pine tree (my apologies for not being skilled enough to nail the species of the tree). Up close to it the entire fruiting body seemed pretty meaty as if it would make a great mushroom head on the forest floor, not at all like a jelly fungus or other parchments I've seen. I didn't have time to collect much on it so if there is enough interest I could return to it tomorrow and see what else I could collect that would help. I refrained from removing any of it because there was a stern sign that said $500 fine for "disturbing wildlife" which could mean a lot of things. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here are the pics. Edit: This is in southwest Virginia near the Carolina border. Elevation is 600 to 700 meters.
  4. Anyone have ideas on this little yellow/orange oddball? Found in northwest Washington in a forest of mostly cedar and alder, close to a large wetland. Just curious about this little guy.
  5. I live in New Hampshire, and I found a wide variety of mushrooms in my yard, I am hoping someone could help me identify them?
  6. Hey guys I need help identifying these mushrooms so I know if there edible or not I found them in my back yard I live in south west Missouri if that helps. Thanks!!?
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