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Found 6 results

  1. Found them today, didn't take home to check spore print. Could you please indentify them?
  2. Found these last weekend. Didn't take home so mo spore print. Looks like livid entoloma mushrooms
  3. Hello everyone, please help to identify these white mushrooms.
  4. hi! im wondering what possible strain of mushroom this may be...? found north of toronto, close to bolton ontario. on a very old decaying oak tree... thank you!
  5. Hello all, I've picked up several of these a week ago at the Pinery provincial park (SW Ontario, Lake Huron). Curious if you could help me id'ing them - I don't even know how to call that vertical "fringe" on the stipe. The mushrooms had white, a bit yellow flesh in the cap, tubes darkened a bit on breaking, Stipe flesh was reddish on the outer part, yellow inside, slender. Cap was a bit flaky to smooth, light brown. They grew close to the slow river bank, mixed forest (pines/maples/oaks/whatever else). Thanks!
  6. Both have light chocolate brown spores, nice mushroomy smell. Any ideas. I think if they smell nice don't have yellow staining and have pink gills there good to go. Right? BTW these were found in toronto, ontario, canada. Thanks in advance for your comments. Last photo has both mushies on papper. See the same colour of spore print? Same ginious different veriety?
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