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  1. So we found these clusters of mushrooms, pretty big in size at around 4-8 inches in circumference, in a forest. The climate is pretty warm right now, around 50-60F, mid may in northeastern Wisconsin less than a quarter mile from a big-ish pond and river. I have done a large amount of cross referencing and research and heavily believe it to be Dryad's Saddle. All mushrooms we have found have been growing on either dead tree stumps or hardwoods such as boxelder maple and ash- which is already dead due to emerald borers. None are sprouting out of the ground. Young mushrooms are bulbous and growing near each other, and older mushrooms are harder with a more oxidized appearance and darker patterns. They all have the distinctive pores, which, when pressed, are moist and collapse easily, and the odd, strong, but VERY distinct cucumber/melon rind smell to them. The pores are very large with the older 'shrooms and miniscule with the young ones, which all get larger closer to the rim of the shroom. When ripped apart, they have dense foam-textured flesh that is slightly soft and squishy when pressed. I am 99% sure that this is the correct mushroom, but I am not being permitted to eating them as it is believed that I will get some sort of food poisoning and die. Reasoning and saying that I have cross referenced it many times and using the fact that there are no deadly look-alikes has proven unfruitful, so I wanted to get more opinions to show as proof. I would veeery much like to be able to cook this 'shroom, as the smell makes it seem like it would go well cooked into a fried rice with a sweet sauce of hoisin, soy, and sesame with some other seasonings and veggies. We also found some other types of mushrooms, but I am not at all positive on what they are or if they are edible. One does look like a puffball, but we are unsure.
  2. Hi there, I am new to this forum as I have only just started my interest in Mushrooms! I have of course googled what kind of mushroom this (could be) is .. Fly Agaric .. However does anyone have any experience with this kind of mushroom regarding their psychedelic/hallucinogenic properties? I found a beautiful large one, and a smaller one close by. They’re gorgeous to look at.
  3. Ok so I live in the pacific northwest and I found this large clump of mushrooms, there is no odd smell or odor to it, I am not sure what it is, I know what an oyster mushroom looks like and I would confidently say this is one if not for the gills below it. It has pores or so it would appear. Anyway if anyone could help!
  4. Hi everybody, I'm new here, so this will be my first post I stumbled upon this little fellow and when I took a closer look I saw some white fluids coming out of the cap, it also has a milky smell. It was growing close to a pine-tree, in a mossy/grass environment. Are these toxic and edible? Thanks in advance, and I appreciate the time
  5. Found on its own in the grass in eastern Massachusetts, USA. It’s look a bit like a marasmius oreades to me but there weren’t others nearby.
  6. Hello friends, I found some mushrooms today in Washington DC, and at first I was sure they were summer oyster mushrooms so I picked them up and took them home. I sat down to do my proper research when I got home, and now I’m a little worried I might have found angel wing mushrooms instead.
  7. Here's a really cool shot of a Chanterelle that was way, way far under a log Looking for info on this mushroom. Intense dark red-to Orange-to white color Shiny, glossy wet coating. Photo doesn't do it justice. Real eye popping. Found under Douglas firs in a place that regrew after a forest fire (real gold mine!) in the North Oregon Coast Range. Chanterelles & Cauliflower Look this shroom up. It is a medical miracle! Reduces tumors, stops tumor growth, stops heart attacks, and so many other medicinal qualities that It would be way easier for you to look up then for me to try and list. no kidding! 10 LB. Cauliflower mushroom I discovered this fall. Found 15' from a huge Douglas Fir stump
  8. Mushrooms were found in Northern California, apologize for the quality, any help is appreciated.
  9. This was taken during January, In Northern California. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  10. I came across this white mushroom in the woods while hiking in southern Ohio and I am new to mushroom identification / hunting. Does anyone have any idea of what this mushroom species this is? Appreciate the help, Thanks! 😀
  11. These are growing at 7000 feet in straw mulch. The scales rub off easily. I didn't see any ring or volva. Any Help with an ID?
  12. Hello, First, thank y’all for your work. I got those gray mushrooms and I’m wondering about their name please 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Your help is appreciated
  13. Found this mushroom growing way up in a sweet gum tree in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I think it’s a veiled oyster but I want to be sure. Can I eat it? Thanks!!
  14. Found this in my yard in Townsend Georgia not sure what it is but don't want my children to touch it till I know. Can take other pics if needed. Thank you
  15. Help would be much appreciated, the mushroom is tall and thin, cream coloured with small amounts of yellow, and the cup is a fairly uniform semi circle. I found it growing in a bit of dry mud, surrounded by grass and trees.
  16. Found in wooded area on a hike to a river in upstate South Carolina
  17. Hi there, Was exploring outside and found these black beauty.Any idea what kind of mushroom it is.
  18. Found them growing in my devil’s ivy soil, which is in a coir container inside my house
  19. Hello Everyone, I came across this Fungi while out on a hike today in Northern California, I know there are over a hundred Boletus species and was hoping I could get an identification on this one, any help is appreciated thank you._ Daj
  20. Found this one in northern California, in mid January. any help is appreciated thank you. I apologize for the blurriness of the second shot. this mushroom seemed to not have gills and be rounded at the bottom.
  21. Hi everyone this fungi is from the forests of Northern California, and was taken last month so mid January. appreciate any help- Jake
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