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Found 53 results

  1. Hello, if anyone could tell me what kind of mushrooms are these that would be great. Thanks Location: Berkshire, UK
  2. Found in the middle of a multi trunk tree Bluing reaction immediately after cut Altitude 1600-2600ft (500-800meters) Arenal Volcano National Park 29 Jul(Rainy season) Costa Rica
  3. Hello all! I was taking a nice stroll and came across the mushrooms in open, mossy, grass. Found in West Michigan. It was located in a grassey mossy swath--about 5 feet right of the forest boundary, and 5 feet left from paved sidewalk. It rained steadily for the past few weeks. The temperature the past few days were ranging around 45-70 degree Fahrenheit. Spore prints are in the works, but looks as if it will be a darker orange or purple-black.
  4. I know almost nothing about mushrooms and these were in my yard. I was just curious what kind they are.
  5. Anyone know what mushroom this is? found in southeastern michigan
  6. Not sure if im doing this correct, this is my first post! My fiance and I found these guys hiking today, we are novice mushroom hunters. Just hoping to get ids if possible. Happy new year to all! This mushroom was found near fallen palm. Mushroom #2 Found near pine. This one is sort of a dull yellow/brown with dark pink gills and meat when cut open. #3 off white with Darker spot on center of cap. Lighter Gills and stalk. From fallen pine #4 orage mushrooms growing on the side of a log, don't remember smooch kind. Harder texture, no gills, thck orange dust when rubbed. No gills. #5 small dirty whie balls filled with brown stuff
  7. This is the mushroom bunch I found while hiking in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora district to be precise. It has brownish gills with very less amount of spore print. Although the little anount of spores that were collected were dark brown in colour. The top is totally white with someof them having very pale blue linings at the periphery. Kindly help me identify this species.
  8. Hello i am growing pink and yellow oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. Today while i was misting them i notice that my shiitake mushrooms mycelium was turning brown on a side and was wondering if thats nrmal, my pink oyster mycelium has a pink color to its mycelium , do shiitake's get a brown color? Take a look at the pics down below and let me know if i need to throw it out or leave it. the shiitake mushrooms are fruiting ( the pins are comeing out and growing out the side of the bucket)
  9. helloo everybody , while i was in the wild with my friends i came across these mushrooms , can you help me identify it ? are they edible , what could they be ? its in gorgan north of Iran the cap is grey (and kinda brownish) and the gills and stem is kinda purplish and theyre little , im also trying to get a spore print it will take a day. thank youu
  10. Anyone have ideas on this little yellow/orange oddball? Found in northwest Washington in a forest of mostly cedar and alder, close to a large wetland. Just curious about this little guy.
  11. Hello everyone, I Live in southern Ontario , and today I found a ton of mushrooms near maple tree roots. I think they are galerinas but just wanted to confirm that they are not cubescens or any other type of psychedelic mushroom. Brown caps, whitish brown/grey/white twisty stipes , light brown gills, No brusing on any of them as far as I can see, I don't know why but they didn't really leave any spore print after 45 mins of sitting under a glass, please lmk if you know what these are asap thank you.
  12. So i found this one just growing in my grass. it wasn't by tress or on poop or seeds or anything like that as far as i could tell it was just growing there in the middle of my lawn.. i am not going to eat it i am doing a spore print with it now but want to see what you guys think, the skirt is want makes me think it will kill me. ( i am thinking its a death cap) also the stem got damaged but you can see it in some pics all broken up it was pretty long
  13. Hello Good day, i found these mushroom growing on a stump in my yard and was wondering are they safe to eat and what kind are they. I am new to the mushroom hunting and still learning. thanks for all the help to guys ( i live in USA, FL if that may help with the mushroom identifying )
  14. Hey everyone, Found these while on a walk in the bush, they were on the bottom of a fallen tree, thought they looked interesting but when i tried to find out what they were I was unsuccessful, just curious as to what they may be, thanks.
  15. Looking to hook up with edible mushroom foragers in or around Wewahitchka, FL. I have a fair bit of knowledge and can identify a fair amount of species with confidence. There are a few finds from my new location I needed ID'd but broke my device and don't have the pics now... Anyways I need some like minded buddies to hunt, trade, and share with! I'm mainly a green thumb but want to broaden my horizons as much as possible. I've grown some mushrooms before but not to a massive degree and want to get reacquainted after several years now too. Please someone out there let's go looking! DShroomGuy
  16. What mushroom grows on the side of a brown wood house between the window seal and paneling in Suburban Birmingham (See the attached pictures)? These are all located close together and with my limited understanding of mushrooms I think they are all the same.
  17. I believe these are old chewed-on pluteus cervinas that were found in Florida growing right next to amanita bisporigera from the ground. It was found alone.
  18. I am confident in this ID- Clathrus Columnatus. This was really cool to stumble upon but did not smell friendly. It was found next to a downed tree growing by itself in late December.
  19. Hi, all, I am new to mushrooms and don't know much. I found this mushroom in a grassy field next to a creek in Palm Harbor, Fla. The field has some wildlife, such as bird species and groundhog types, but it also is a dog-walking area. Mushrooms are somewhat common in this area. Any help in identifying it would be appreciated. Is it dangerous, can it be used for cooking, does it have psychedelic properties? Many thanks.
  20. I have spent many hours trying to figure out what this big boy is. I would be thrilled if anyone could ID it! LOCATION: Was found in a tight cluster of 7 other like mushrooms; point of growth was the base of a decomposing stump.(oak tree{located on a slight down-slope in the woods[bark sample in photos]}) Indiana, USA
  21. I found this on what I believe is an oak. It is still live? I cannot determine whether or not it is actually a reishi however I did find Reishis growing on a stump about 10 feet away..
  22. I live in New Hampshire, and I found a wide variety of mushrooms in my yard, I am hoping someone could help me identify them?
  23. Hello everyone, can anyone one tell me what type of mushroom is growing in my yard based on the information/pictures below? I near Nashville, TN. The mushrooms were found in my yard in partially shaded areas under two trees. They grow in clusters and are very short (barely at the level of the top of the grass). They turn brownish as they age and are silimar in color to the back side of falling leaves when they're new. I tried to get a spore print by pressing the gills on white paper but the transfer was mostly clear with a few grayish smudges. I don't think I have a very distinct sense of smell when it comes to mushrooms but they smelled similar to a portebella in my opinion. I would like to know if these mushrooms are harmful to pets. I have no intentions on eating them.
  24. My dad and I found so many of these tonight. We left much more than we took as well, as it is a public space and others might stumble upon them (also so they can spore). They grew for the most part under beech and maple, usually on slopes which were grassy with little else as far as vegetation. I think they're all the same. They seem to smell sweet and fruity (I can see why they say apricots but the smell also reminds me of earwigs if you have ever smelled them) the lighting makes them look less orange but they have an orange tint.
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