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Found 4 results

  1. I just found this mushroom in my backyard and can’t seem to identify it. Some help will be much appreciated!
  2. These are growing in tall grass in the yard. we have 2 acres lots of leaf and wood debris its located in central florida we also have chickens and other wildlife they have a light pleasant mushroom smell and a white spore print
  3. Hey All, I'm having a difficult time identifying a recent find. Unfortunately my pics are not the best, I was using a gopro. I didn't have time for a spore print, I was in a hurry through the wilderness when I made this find. Brand new to the site, hope the pictures post properly. I've posted on some other boards but have not had any luck, this site looks much more professional and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thank You! Habitat: Growing on dried out dead conifer. Desolation wilderness in Tallent lakes area, near Lake Tahoe. Time of year late May. 2 fruiting bodies seemingly becoming one at base of stems. Gills: Black with some dark grey around center, I think partially attached. See photos. Stem: 3-4" tricolored?! from cap starting a dark brown, the stem thins halfway down and becomes white for .5", then thickens and the remainder is yellowish-offwhite. Two mushroom fruiting bodies present at site, stems become one at base. Rough towards bottom of stem, fuzzy/scaly. Cap: Just under 2" diameter,darkened central knob abruptly fading to beige, with even and well defined dark-belted ring around cap's margin
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BfoXWK6FXadfe7gTwpZ_pn9Loi9Rr56a8VbeOO4_b2k/edit?usp=sharing I was picking through my produce garden two days ago and I came across these little guys...After a little bit of research I think they may be pan Sub/Panaeolus Cinctulus... The spore print is Jet Black and they were found in my produce garden which had been fertilized with horse dung and mulch, the area is also watered every day. The garden is in eastern PA near the Delaware river. In the pics they are a bit dried out but when I picked them they were a lot more colorful, this morning all color is gone and the caps are cracked and white grayish... Also, I have not seen any blue bruising on them yet. Thanks for the ID! Here are the pics I V https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BfoXWK6FXadfe7gTwpZ_pn9Loi9Rr56a8VbeOO4_b2k/edit?usp=sharing Or
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