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  1. Found in my backyard in austin,Texas. Has been raining recently.
  2. Hello funGuys, Help me identify the following mushroom. I found the mushroom in a grassy ground near some oaks and olive trees in Italy. Temperature: 10-20 °C (50-68°F) Dark Brown cap. White stem without ring and no inner hole. White spore print. Don't bother going into details. Be as scientific and precise as you want.
  3. Dark brown bolete found under elm and hickory
  4. Hello, I thought I should check before I eat these. I am fairly sure these are oyster mushrooms since they were found on some hardwood logs (never mind the hemlocks in the background - the logs were brought from elsewhere) near Montreal mid-October. The do have that slight anise smell too. Can anyone corroborate or correct me? Thanks!
  5. Found on its own in the grass in eastern Massachusetts, USA. It’s look a bit like a marasmius oreades to me but there weren’t others nearby.
  6. Hey guys, I have found this fungi in a grassland in late may earlt june. It is not located in heights or forests. Could someone help me identify this mushroom? Sorry if I have failed to comply with the format of this site. My first post here. Thanks.
  7. Mushrooms were found in Northern California, apologize for the quality, any help is appreciated.
  8. This was taken during January, In Northern California. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  9. My mom found these and brought them home, are these reishi? They are hard and shiny and not porous like beefstake
  10. Help would be much appreciated, the mushroom is tall and thin, cream coloured with small amounts of yellow, and the cup is a fairly uniform semi circle. I found it growing in a bit of dry mud, surrounded by grass and trees.
  11. I believe this to be chicken in the woods,can anyone help me identify? Harvested july 14th north ga mtns
  12. Hey everyone!! this is my second find it looks a lot more like a psychedelic one. There is bruising on the stem that’s slightly brown. The underneath of the hood is not sticky or waxy. It is growing out of wood and moss in a tropical coastal region in Kenya. Any ids would be helpful also I will try provide as much additional info as possible. They are also quite small the larger of the two being about an inch in height.
  13. These were found growing on grass in a bunch, maybe 10-12 of them. They have the tell tale brown spot on the top but I don’t want to risk anything. It is one of these for sure; panaeolus cinctulus Psilocybe subtropicalis gymnopilus sp. Because of where I live it won’t be any other. Please let me know if it’s any of the above if not I won’t use it
  14. Hello, First time to the forum and I'm excited already. Found these in old woodchips and old manure mix. Are they edible??
  15. Hello all! Hope you are having a good day today. I stumbled upon this magnificent log hosting small clusters of these bright orange-yellow mushrooms in Autumn last year (North Wales, UK). However when I drove past them again in the winter they had shriveled up and turned a light brown color. I have had someone tell me that they could be part of the Flammulina Velutipes species but I would just like to receive a second opinion. Also, I would like to know if they could somehow be preserved nicely? I like to work with fungi and flora in my art projects so it would be lovely to incorporate them into my work somehow if possible, and if so, will their vibrant color return with the seasons? Thank you so much in advance!
  16. Hello Everyone, I came across this Fungi while out on a hike today in Northern California, I know there are over a hundred Boletus species and was hoping I could get an identification on this one, any help is appreciated thank you._ Daj
  17. Found some mushrooms growing on straw bales outside my house. Gills and stem are both white. Spores are a light tan color. Cap is an almost silvery-tan color, with cracks exposing white underneath. Found in Cherokee county Georgia.
  18. Found this one in northern California, in mid January. any help is appreciated thank you. I apologize for the blurriness of the second shot. this mushroom seemed to not have gills and be rounded at the bottom.
  19. Hi everyone this fungi is from the forests of Northern California, and was taken last month so mid January. appreciate any help- Jake
  20. I found this patch of fungi in on Christmas day in the valley in Northern California on a standing dead apple tree. I have a strong feeling that it is the trametes versicolor.
  21. I’m new here but love the site, was hoping someone could help me identify these mushrooms, thank you for your time. -Jake
  22. Found a few clusters underneath a Bush , wondering what they might be please help
  23. Found this today growing around moist grass.
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