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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, i am pretty new to this mushroom hunting business and could use some help with an id. I found these growing under pine(in UK)I had thought it could be leocopaxillus tricolor but the cap Is more a grey colour. The gills rub off easily leaving a smooth surface on the underside of the cap. Many thanks!
  2. So i was in the backyard and touched some mushrooms and then I touched my mouth can anyone Id these and let me know if I should be worried?
  3. Hello all! I was taking a nice stroll and came across the mushrooms in open, mossy, grass. Found in West Michigan. It was located in a grassey mossy swath--about 5 feet right of the forest boundary, and 5 feet left from paved sidewalk. It rained steadily for the past few weeks. The temperature the past few days were ranging around 45-70 degree Fahrenheit. Spore prints are in the works, but looks as if it will be a darker orange or purple-black.
  4. I have this interesting and quite large (3 to 4 ft in length, seems like) orange parchment hanging around my local conservation in the stripped bark of a pine tree (my apologies for not being skilled enough to nail the species of the tree). Up close to it the entire fruiting body seemed pretty meaty as if it would make a great mushroom head on the forest floor, not at all like a jelly fungus or other parchments I've seen. I didn't have time to collect much on it so if there is enough interest I could return to it tomorrow and see what else I could collect that would help. I refrained from removing any of it because there was a stern sign that said $500 fine for "disturbing wildlife" which could mean a lot of things. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here are the pics. Edit: This is in southwest Virginia near the Carolina border. Elevation is 600 to 700 meters.
  5. Hello everyone, I Live in southern Ontario , and today I found a ton of mushrooms near maple tree roots. I think they are galerinas but just wanted to confirm that they are not cubescens or any other type of psychedelic mushroom. Brown caps, whitish brown/grey/white twisty stipes , light brown gills, No brusing on any of them as far as I can see, I don't know why but they didn't really leave any spore print after 45 mins of sitting under a glass, please lmk if you know what these are asap thank you.
  6. So i found this one just growing in my grass. it wasn't by tress or on poop or seeds or anything like that as far as i could tell it was just growing there in the middle of my lawn.. i am not going to eat it i am doing a spore print with it now but want to see what you guys think, the skirt is want makes me think it will kill me. ( i am thinking its a death cap) also the stem got damaged but you can see it in some pics all broken up it was pretty long
  7. I found these on a chanterelle hunt I thought they may be hedgehogs but not sure. They are very meat and delicious looking and smelling.
  8. I live in Lacey, Wa (Yay PNW!) and love exploring nature. During work i stumbled upon two mushrooms, one in infancy and the other is bulbous but expanding everyday. I am wondering if this is the famous Muscaria that is colloquially well-known. Please help me in identification, this is most and would be very much appreciated!
  9. I found this on what I believe is an oak. It is still live? I cannot determine whether or not it is actually a reishi however I did find Reishis growing on a stump about 10 feet away..
  10. I found a few of these Mushrooms growing on a grass lawn in the state of Maine. Any ideas of what they are and if they are edible? Thank you for any help
  11. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me identify this mushroom. It was found in my backyard in Tennessee just below the top of the grass. I picked one in the same location a few weeks ago. I would like to know if it's harmful to my two dogs and if so, how I can go about getting rid of it for good. The area in the yard isn't covered by shade and doesn't tend to hold moisture other than morning dew. Thanks in advance!
  12. My dog is Stella may have ingested these mushrooms. Is there anyway to tell if this is a poisonous amanita? She has already been to the vet and been treated but I just wanted to try identifying here. She's still super out of it. We won't know how severely she was poisoned until we see how she reacts in the coming days.
  13. Hello again fellow mushroom enthusiasts! I recently found two more very interesting mushrooms growing in my backyard in Tennessee! I am very excited about finding out what types of mushrooms these are! MUSHROOM 1: This mushroom's cap measures 14 cm in diameter and the stem is 8 cm long. It was found in soil. --Pictures of this mushroom are labeled "AM" and are the first 4. MUSHROOM 2: This mushroom's cap measures 10 cm in diameter, and it has a 13 cm long stem. It was also found in soil. --Pictures of this mushroom are labeled "Fishy Pepper" and are the last 5. Thanks a lot! ~Shroomguy~
  14. Hey guys, I need some assistance in identifying some mushrooms that I found in my backyard in Tennessee. Mushroom 1: This mushroom was found growing in soil. It has pores. Pictures are labeled "marshmallow". Mushroom 2: This mushroom was also found growing in soil. It has white and slightly red gills. Pictures are labeled "Holey". Signing out, Shroomguy
  15. Hello fellow mushroom hunter, I need some helping identifying the following four mushrooms that I found in the Tennessean wild (wetland/forest) in the summer time. Mushroom 1: very small (2-4 cm)white mushroom, grows on decaying wood. Pictures of this mushroom are an attachment labeled as "finger"... Mushroom 2: also small, and grows on decaying wood. lines coming out of center of mushroom. Pictures of this mushroom are an attachment labeled as "white tree"... Please comment if you know what this is! I can supply more information if needed, except I cannot get spore prints. Thanks, shroomguy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE LOVE SHROOMS...
  16. Hey fellow mushroom enthusiasts! I have two more mushrooms I want help identifying. I have attached them as "brown" (last three) and "white cent" (first three). Both are soil mushrooms found in Tennessee as long as 10-15 cm. Thanks friends, Shroomguy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE LOVE SHROOMS...
  17. Location:South-Western Ohio we found the red and yellow ones in this patch of these little clover things in our yard between two maples (theres also a tree line nearby maybe 10 ft) but the white ones we found in clump and clusters by a bunch of dead limbs and tree stumps in a nother tree line, and i was just wondering the species and if they were edible also the red ones have a bluish bruising on them (we think theyre bicolored boletes)
  18. Hi there Im new to hunting mushrooms and my first find are these mushrooms I found growing in my east coast neighborhood. I am now wondering if these are psychedelic or not because there gills are a dark purple/black but they do not bruise blue. Could these be liberty caps? They sell very earthy. Also they were growing in the middle of summer which is not usually the ideal conditions of psilocybes. Are there any other species that has this feature because I would not like to be in possession of a poisonous mushroom or even psychedelic for that matter. Can someone tell me the species it is and if they contain psilocybin? I would appreciate the help a lot thanks. (also there were bugs crawling on the inside of the cap does this mean that they're safe to consume? All these views and no replies? Some one has to know.Please help.
  19. I believe these are oyster mushrooms however I would just like a second opinion. I have been waiting on these, yet somehow I caught them a day or two late so I wanna hurry up and cut them. Fungus gnats have already attacked one patch. I have eaten these before and am still alive a year later. They do not have as good a flavour as the store bought ones. but are certainly palatable. But I just feel better with someone else in agreement with my ID. The single mushroom with the top and bottom view is on a seperate tree and looks to be closer to the store variety. I will add, these are growing on dead alder under cedar trees which provide shade. Western Washington State.
  20. I live on the Olympic Peninsula and I'm looking for someone who would be willing to "train me" in mushroom hunting out of passion and fun. I just started to pursue this interest and I am confident in my ability to identify chantrelles, but that's about it. I did find a large cauliflower mushroom, which I feel pretty confident with as well, and I'm pretty sure I found a clump of oysters, but I feel less confident about this. I would really like to get out in the forest with someone who knows what they're doing and would like to point out mushrooms, tell me what they are, and show me how to tell. Let me know if you live on the Olympic Peninsula and are interested in teaching me, Ruby
  21. So am a young person that sometimes go to walk to the forest. It happened that with my husband we just bought a house in front of a big forest where I can scape and breath great air. I love to take pictures so one day walking with the camera I decided to take some mushs and start to learn about it. I have intentions of buy books and stuff but I need your help to identify this cute little mushs I took from my last walking around. Name of them, some information it will be very wellcome! Thanks a lot. By the way we live near to Quebec city, specifically around 40 minutes to the north of the center.
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