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Found 6 results

  1. Found these little things in a holler near my house. Don't recognize them so I was hoping for a bit of help
  2. It's been raining for threes days and this morning I went in the bushes where I would normally find shrooms. There I saw and collected some wavy caps look alike (see pictures below). I need help to identify them. From my observation: In Malaysia, the habitat I found them was growing on the ground beside dried leaves and wood. Gills are crowded with irregular pattern. Caps are flat and wavy when matured. The stipe is bare reddish purple colored. Spore print was not clear looked like brown. Please help ID.. PICTURES ATTACHED BELOW
  3. Just got back from a great forage yesterday and found a load of boletus (Karl Johanssvamp in Sweden) Along the way, we saw as many as 20 different kinds of fungi and I was hoping to get some help IDing them since I'm a bit new to this. Any help is appreciated
  4. So each year I find this clump of mushrooms growing here in our yard while I'm mowing. I believe there is dead tree stump under them all.
  5. Hello all! I was taking a nice stroll and came across the mushrooms in open, mossy, grass. Found in West Michigan. It was located in a grassey mossy swath--about 5 feet right of the forest boundary, and 5 feet left from paved sidewalk. It rained steadily for the past few weeks. The temperature the past few days were ranging around 45-70 degree Fahrenheit. Spore prints are in the works, but looks as if it will be a darker orange or purple-black.
  6. I just recently started to get into wild mushroom hunting and right now I’m picking everything I see I found these two different types of mushrooms on a trail by the river in my town in Michigan the lighter colored mushroom was found growing in a clump on a dead tree and the other tan topped blue stem and Gilled mushrooms were found farther down the trail off to the side in a mossy dirt area can anyone help me identify these id appreciate it !! Help me !!!
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