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Found 3 results

  1. I have lots of supplies for mushroom cultivation. Everything one would need to start a lab and set up a fruiting chamber. Start producing your own mushrooms! Here is a list of some of the items I have left: (2) 8X4X6 Grow tent Black with reflective interior $75 ea (3) 6 in Hydrofarm Active Air In-Line fan 400 CFM $65 ea (3) 2 ft 4 bulb T5 fluorescent lights $70 ea (3) 4 in Hydrofarm Organic Air HEPA garden filter $45 ea ΒΌ HP submersible utility pump (sump pump) 1500 gallons per hour $50 (6) 36X24 Plastic shelving units 5 shelves tall $15 ea (2) 12 head pond fogger $125 (1) 9 head pond fogger $100 (1) 5 head pond fogger $75 (1) Auto humidity controller $75 (1) 4X4X6 grow tent Black with reflective interior $50 (2) 4 in Hydrofarm Active Air In-line fan 165 CFM $50 ea (1) Electric Transfer Tool Sterilizer $150 (1) 24X12 Laminar flow hood Includes box, 5.8 Micron filter $125 (1) 24X24 HEPA Filter 5.8 Micron Filter $100 Assortment of Test tubes and glass petri dishes (1) Test tube rack $10 (1) Portable A/C Unit $100 (1) Weed whip/wacker Used to chop straw $75 (2) Hydro farm dual grounded timer $10 (3) Zoo Med terrarium timer $7 (2) Active Air Duct Fan speed controller $12.5 (1) Impulse sealer 12 in $30 (1) All-american 41.5 qt electric steroclave $500 (1) ~3000 Birch spiral grooved dowels $15 (Many) Plastic Bags with filer patch 22.5 x 8.25 x 4.75 inches and 5"X4"X18" 3.0mil PP $100 (4) Small Bale wheat straw Kept indoors $10 for all or $4 ea (1) Oakton pH2 Ph meter $30 (90) 10cc syringe & 16 gauge needle $15 (1) CAP CGC-1e Complete Greenhouse Controller Temp $275 (2) 6in Active Air %W magnetic drive clip on grow fan $15 ea
  2. i ordered these spawn plugs from fungi.com http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/chicken-of-the-woods-plug-spawn-approx-1000-plugs.html i just read that this type of chicken of the woods is laetiprous conerificola. does anyone know of this sub species of chicken of the woods plugs can grow in southern central new york (orange county)? i read that this type of chicken of the woods grows in washington. is it possible for me to grow these plugs in new york? Laetiporus conerificola Laetiporus conerificola
  3. Hey, For all mushroom lovers, just want to share a very interesting site I came across which provides all supplies and tools to grow mushrooms, do have a look at Mushroomsource.ca
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