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Found 5 results

  1. Not sure if im doing this correct, this is my first post! My fiance and I found these guys hiking today, we are novice mushroom hunters. Just hoping to get ids if possible. Happy new year to all! This mushroom was found near fallen palm. Mushroom #2 Found near pine. This one is sort of a dull yellow/brown with dark pink gills and meat when cut open. #3 off white with Darker spot on center of cap. Lighter Gills and stalk. From fallen pine #4 orage mushrooms growing on the side of a log, don't remember smooch kind. Harder texture, no gills, thck orange dust when rubbed. No gills. #5 small dirty whie balls filled with brown stuff
  2. I believe these are old chewed-on pluteus cervinas that were found in Florida growing right next to amanita bisporigera from the ground. It was found alone.
  3. Found these cool little gilled mushroom along the appalachian trail in southeastern US. It has a conical cap with emarginate or adnexed gills attaching to the stipe. Unfortunately I did not note its habitat and found only 2.
  4. Tightly bunched growing at the end of a freshly broken branch. They had peach/orangish colored gills with almost sandpaper-like faded peachy caps.
  5. Hi All, I found this patch of small red and orange mushrooms today but I am not positive they are chanterelles. Can someone please confirm? I know that golden chanterelles have false gills that fork, but on these mushrooms there is minimal forking, except near the cap, at least to my novice eye. Do the red chanterelles fork less than other chanterelles? Thank you!!
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