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Found 4 results

  1. I am new to foraging for mushrooms. Do anyone knows a really good book or the best book for mushrooms id?
  2. Mothra


    Hello there! My name is Oliver, I just moved from Texas to Georgia and im fascinated by all the fungi here! Now that im in a place where it grows more frequently (and not in a desert...) I'm super excited to try out mushroom hunting and find out whats growing in my own backyard!!
  3. Wannes92

    hey hey

    hello all, As you all can see i am new here . let me introduce myself. My name is Wannes and i am from Belgium. Soon i will be moving to Sweden. im sorry for the incorrect spelling from time to time but i did not learn alot of English at school. i had to learn it by myself mostly. My hobbies are flyfishing, hiking, bushcrafting, woodworking and everything that has to do with nature. i have degree as a treeworker, and afcourse is really close related to fungi. I want to learn more about fungi, for consumation but also general interest. as far of mushroom knowledge i am a total beginner with my first field guide of 400 pages. thank you, Regards, Wannes
  4. So am a young person that sometimes go to walk to the forest. It happened that with my husband we just bought a house in front of a big forest where I can scape and breath great air. I love to take pictures so one day walking with the camera I decided to take some mushs and start to learn about it. I have intentions of buy books and stuff but I need your help to identify this cute little mushs I took from my last walking around. Name of them, some information it will be very wellcome! Thanks a lot. By the way we live near to Quebec city, specifically around 40 minutes to the north of the center.
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