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Found 2 results

  1. I live in eastern Pa and just found clusters of these gorgeous mushrooms, and I'm hoping they're edible Yellow Oysters. Can someone tell me if they are? They are growing on a fallen log, but I'm not sure what type of tree. My Dad used to pick wild mushrooms and told me one sign of an edible mushroom is if insects are flying around them, which they were. Another is if turtles have bitten them. As you can see on one of the photos bites have been taken. I'd like to harvest them tomorrow.
  2. I just found something I've never seen before and unfortunately I did not get a sample but I did get a nice pic. Are these Yellow Oysters? I would love to harvest these and try something new but of course time is of the essence as I suppose these are not going to last long. Location is in Southern WI and it appears to be on an oak log but could be Ash - would have to look closer. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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