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Found 8 results

  1. Hello friends, I found some mushrooms today in Washington DC, and at first I was sure they were summer oyster mushrooms so I picked them up and took them home. I sat down to do my proper research when I got home, and now Iā€™m a little worried I might have found angel wing mushrooms instead.
  2. found this small, solitary mushroom in the woods. I think it is Coprinopsis Lagopus, am I right?
  3. The first picture is when I first found the mushroom. The others I took later, when I returned about a week or two later. I am not to sure what this mushroom is, anyone have any idea?
  4. I came across this white mushroom in the woods while hiking in southern Ohio and I am new to mushroom identification / hunting. Does anyone have any idea of what this mushroom species this is? Appreciate the help, Thanks! šŸ˜€
  5. Hi! I have been observing these for a while in the woods behind my house for a while now. They started out as these little bulbs on the surface of the ground and recently sprouted up and revealed these little black bulbs. Does anyone know what these are called?
  6. Please help identify these mushrooms. I am sure they are not edible, but I have a curiosity that won't let go. thank you for your help. Caps were about 3" to 4" across. They had a soggy or wet texture, of course it had recently rained hard, though the grass was dry. Thanks so much for your help.
  7. I live in New Hampshire, and I found a wide variety of mushrooms in my yard, I am hoping someone could help me identify them?
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