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Found 8 results

  1. I found these on a stump in the woodpile at our new home. It may be an oak tree, but since it’s an old stump it’s difficult for me to tell. (The pine needles on the mushrooms are from the trees growing next to the stump.) I spent a lot of time sending photos to others of the attached mushrooms for help identifying. Everyone agreed they appeared to be turkey tail, so I felt confident harvesting. Once I began flipping them over I noticed that many of the mushrooms have orange specks in the pores of the undersides. Is this common on turkey tails or does this mean they are another type of mushroom? There were multiple clusters on the same stump and while I assumed they were all turkey tail I now wonder if some were a similar but different variety.
  2. Isn't this a beautiful specimen of turkey tail? Found it while I was in Florida. When I first found them they were dried out, then I came back the next day after it had rained and they perked back up. I have noticed that turkey tail has little to no smell when dry but when they are wet they have a pretty distinct smell.
  3. Hello! I found this mushroom growth in a few places in the woods near my family's cabin and I'm incredibly curious if it's edible. I'm interested in wild mushroom foraging as a hobby and would like to learn more about it. This is my first opportunity to try to identify a mushroom and I could use the help. Here are details: I have found three specimens, all in wooded areas, all growing, as best as I can tell, on rotting wood: 1 - pics with fully circular growth (in shadow and out): growing near a stump, as far as I can tell the base of the colony is an exposed root of that stump. 2 - pics against base of tree (one wide shote, one with hand pulling back to show underside and base, one close up on top): Tree appears healthy, but may have a rotten area at base? 3 - broken off piece (held in my hand and close up shot): Picked separately, on rotting wood. Features - striations of different shades, but not bright colors. Pores on underside, not smooth and no teeth. All of the examples I found online show this type with brighter colors, closer to a wild turkey tail. These are pale but I don't see resemblance to any other type I've found. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  4. As a newbie to foraging I'm running into many turkey tails in my area but they are fruiting bodies from the previous season, I believe. Do these still retain the medicinal qualities of fresh turkey tail? Or has their window of usefulness already closed?
  5. Excited to take up this fun and yum hobbies.. Live in Cambridge, ont and cottage in muskoka.. last couple weeks I have found shaggy mane, lions mane and honey's.. ate the shaggies which were a success! Just picked the later two, today. Anyone like to forage around cambridge area and would be kind enough to share any good locations? Thank you and look forward to hearing.and sharing with everyone.. Cheers Kevin
  6. Top & bottom views. I hear Turkey Tail are white underneath, but turn to brownish with age (as seen?)
  7. As some of you may know, California has been in a drought for sometime now.The rains have come though, and as a crucial part of our mushroom hunting season and mycology overall, I do hope they continue! Today I was able to locate some Earthstars, as well as waterlogged Turkey Tail ( No tea for me :[ ). I did notice some younger looking Turkey Tail developing. Hopefully some more specimens will begin to fruit! Happy hunting to everyone!
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