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Found 2 results

  1. Found these guys in Northern VT yesterday (10/6). They were growing along the forest floor on decaying logs (not entirely sure what kind of logs). The spore print was a milky white. Seems more like Angel’s Wing to me but I’m still very new to foraging.
  2. I found these growing old dead sump in my yard. As you can see, the mushrooms are growing in a small cluster and joined at the bass. The caps of the mushrooms are very fuzzy and have a fairly deep divit in the center, the gills are decurrent, and the stipe is very stiff and hard to break. I noticed it has a pleasant mushroomy smell. It has a light beige or buff colored spore print. I believe this mushroom may be Panus Crinitus; however this mushroom doesn't seem to be very well documented, so I am still unsure. Any more information and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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