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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Sorry for not having better/more images. My friend has recently discovered mushrooms near her apartment in Central Florida. Best guesses I had were some kind of Boletus and maybe some Lobster mushrooms. For the Bloetus, maybe Sensibilis or Oliveisporus? I cannot find any images online that look like these. But I am interested in what they are!! 🍄 Thank you in advance!!
  2. I found these tiny mushrooms today at work. I am currently working in Hot Springs Arkansas. They were growing on top of some wooden posts. The caps of these mushrooms were as small as the tip of a ball point pen, probably the smallest mushrooms I have ever found. Does anyone know what these are? Whatever they are, aren't they cool looking?!
  3. I live in New Hampshire, and I found a wide variety of mushrooms in my yard, I am hoping someone could help me identify them?
  4. Hi All, I found this patch of small red and orange mushrooms today but I am not positive they are chanterelles. Can someone please confirm? I know that golden chanterelles have false gills that fork, but on these mushrooms there is minimal forking, except near the cap, at least to my novice eye. Do the red chanterelles fork less than other chanterelles? Thank you!!
  5. A weird Chicken of the Woods arrangment? I'm stumped...(sorry, bad pun!)
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