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Found 7 results

  1. These are growing along the edges of my garden beds which the wood is starting to decompose. They at first looked like Deer Mushrooms but I wasn't sure so I left them alone. Now they look like Oyster Mushrooms? What are they and are they edible?
  2. So i was in the backyard and touched some mushrooms and then I touched my mouth can anyone Id these and let me know if I should be worried?
  3. This is the mushroom bunch I found while hiking in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora district to be precise. It has brownish gills with very less amount of spore print. Although the little anount of spores that were collected were dark brown in colour. The top is totally white with someof them having very pale blue linings at the periphery. Kindly help me identify this species.
  4. Picked this in a field in Wales yesterday where cows were grazing. My little sister is wild about mushrooms and she picked 2 from the ground and ate them. Is it the deadly conocybe tenera?? If so, do I need to act fast?
  5. Hello friends, This is my first post on this forum. This morning I found these little beauties in my backyard (Vermont). All were growing underneath a pine tree and within a few steps from one another. Field guides and internet led me to believe that the first one was yellow fly agaric. Couldn't really make any progress with ID of the others. I dug up the fly agaric & disposed of it because I am concerned about my dogs getting into it. I know that ID based on a photo is pretty tough - but if any of you have some broad ideas about whether the other mushrooms are safe or poisonous I would be grateful. Me and my pups thank you for any information.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me identify this mushroom. It was found in my backyard in Tennessee just below the top of the grass. I picked one in the same location a few weeks ago. I would like to know if it's harmful to my two dogs and if so, how I can go about getting rid of it for good. The area in the yard isn't covered by shade and doesn't tend to hold moisture other than morning dew. Thanks in advance!
  7. Found these earlier in the year in my yard (July) and now in neighbor's yard (Sept). Live in suburbs of Boston. Worried about dogs finding these and eating them like they eat everything else...Help! Are they as bad as I think they are? Amanita family or just shaggy mane or parasol?
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