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Found 3 results

  1. While hiking this afternoon, I coma across many mushrooms. I collected three specimens and I have been working for several hours to identify them all. The one that seems tricky is the Amanita I found. Though it presents as an Aminita, I surely learned that identifying the exact subspecies(?). After going through many online lists and associated photos and descriptions, I was at a loss and it began to feel somewhat frustrating. So I thought I would post some guesses (and the photos) for some more experienced eyes. My overall take-away from the experience is that for general purposes, knowing it is an Amanita is enough for now and that the exact taxonomy will be saved for my self-schooling 201 class when I have more time to go through all the thousands of varieties. Also I noted that in some pics online it seems that several different looking mushrooms have been titled, "Destroying Angel" I am not sure if they are all the same subspecies or if this a a generic term for many of the Amanita? Thoughts? My macros that seem distinct: I am not denoting that the gills are free from the stipe (seems odd for an amanita but I could be misinterpreting the meaning.) and the pileus seems slightly bumpy like a strobilomyces, could it be veil remnants, perhaps? I also did not not a distinct annulus? But possibly it is just not super obvious? Guesses: Aminita Verosa Aminita Vaginata Aminita Strobiliform Amanita Ravenelii Amanita Cokeri Amanita Roanokensis *It doesn't seem to exactly fit any one of these but that could be my inexperience. OBSERVATIONS: 1) All white, white-gilled, mushroom was growing near but not on conifers. 2 ) No distinct smell to speak of. 3) Slight bumps on the pileus. 4 ) No clear evidence of veil/annulus. 5) Firm stem 6) Taller Amanita varieties near by with annulus and veil, smoother pileus. (pic included the 4th pic down that is different from the subject specimen.) 7) WHITE SPORE PRINT 😎 Shaggy looking stem 9) 2" +/- pileus 10) Southeastern U.S. summer season 11) The specimen seemed to yellow over a few hours on the way home. Any advice on this or demystifying other Amanita varieties is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. So my dog MAY have eaten this mushroom. I would just like to know if it's something to worry about. Also, IF it is poisonous, what are the symptoms to look out for, and how long will it take for them to appear? Also, I dont know if it helps to give my geography, but we're in Houston, Texas.
  3. My dog is Stella may have ingested these mushrooms. Is there anyway to tell if this is a poisonous amanita? She has already been to the vet and been treated but I just wanted to try identifying here. She's still super out of it. We won't know how severely she was poisoned until we see how she reacts in the coming days.
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