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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone ! I am new to the forum, and new to the mushroom hunt ! Today it was my first one, and I found 2 species I'm not sure at all what they were. Can you help me identify them? I found this species in a big sheep pasture. They were growing just next to a small river, around 300m above sea level. They grew directly on the soil, around some wood debris, just next to patches of nettles. There were sheep dung nearby, but they didn't grow directly on it. As you can see, it has a cream to light brown cap, sometimes brown with a white patch in the center. The cap is sometimes bell-shaped sometimes a little bit wavy. Its brown gills are attached to its thin stem. Its overall size is quite small. I didn't have the chance to make a spore print. It smelled like a regular mushroom, a soft earthy scent, and it was really delicate and fragile. Can you help me identify it? I'm not only interested to know if it is toxic or edible, but I would really like to know the specific species Thank you in advance !
  2. Hello, i am in a field job, in this place local people hunting for this mushroom. ID please, it is in pasture on soil
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