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Found 4 results

  1. Wannes92

    hey hey

    hello all, As you all can see i am new here . let me introduce myself. My name is Wannes and i am from Belgium. Soon i will be moving to Sweden. im sorry for the incorrect spelling from time to time but i did not learn alot of English at school. i had to learn it by myself mostly. My hobbies are flyfishing, hiking, bushcrafting, woodworking and everything that has to do with nature. i have degree as a treeworker, and afcourse is really close related to fungi. I want to learn more about fungi, for consumation but also general interest. as far of mushroom knowledge i am a total beginner with my first field guide of 400 pages. thank you, Regards, Wannes
  2. Hello! New guy here looking to get into mushrooming in my area. There's many around right now so seems fit to join and see what I'm finding! Would not eat anything before knowing 100% what species any are but am looking to try my local edible types. I believe I've found some reishi and one edible bolete. I'll make a post for today's finds in the appropriate area though. Looking forward to learning and sharing with y'all! Peace DShroomGuy
  3. Howdy. I'm just an ordinary, average guy. I'm on a fixed income, broke and I have more time than I do money. I enjoy the woods and hunting mushrooms.
  4. Hey guys, I need some assistance in identifying some mushrooms that I found in my backyard in Tennessee. Mushroom 1: This mushroom was found growing in soil. It has pores. Pictures are labeled "marshmallow". Mushroom 2: This mushroom was also found growing in soil. It has white and slightly red gills. Pictures are labeled "Holey". Signing out, Shroomguy
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