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  1. hiii!! i live in georgia and was out hunting shroomies when i found this guy! i have tried everything to find out what he is with no luck!! 😨 he was growing on a fallen log and the weather has been around 60 degrees if that helps!
  2. Hello all! I am very interesting in starting shrooming in my neck of the woods. I love the idea of growing my own food (which I do), and want to branch out I to foraging, especially for mushrooms. I don't understand what they are or how they work, but very willing to learn!
  3. Hello all! I am very interesting in starting shrooming in my neck of the woods. I love the idea of growing my own food (which I do), and want to branch out I to foraging, especially for mushrooms. I don't understand what they are or how they work, but very willing to learn!
  4. Hi guys! Just found these little guys on the north island of New Zealand around the Te Puke area. Think they may be liberty caps but not sure - can anyone help ID? Thank you!!
  5. Found some mushrooms growing on straw bales outside my house. Gills and stem are both white. Spores are a light tan color. Cap is an almost silvery-tan color, with cracks exposing white underneath. Found in Cherokee county Georgia.
  6. I am new to foraging for mushrooms. Do anyone knows a really good book or the best book for mushrooms id?
  7. Hello! Can anybody identify these? I do however know the white ones in the basket are Agaricus Campestris and a Waxcap but I need help with the other. much love ✨
  8. HI people , so i ordered this kit and 2 others which they got confiscated by the customs , the one i tried to grow is golden teacher and the second day after i put it in a bag the whole medium turns orange as you can see in the picture . and since im a newbie ,i don't know whats going on and after 9 days i still can't see any actuall pins (just some very very small brown sticks)
  9. Hello, if anyone could tell me what kind of mushrooms are these that would be great. Thanks Location: Berkshire, UK
  10. Hello, noob here. I found this on a backpacking adventure in mid July (About a week ago) in Central North Carolina. It looks delicious, thought not being an expert, I didn't and probably will not harvest or eat it. I am curious what it is and whether it has an look-a-likes or other things to be concerned with. Again, not going to eat it but I do think it is a shame that I don't know more about what I can and can't eat in the mushroom world, so unless I chicken out, wild mushrooms may be a new adventure. I tried looking it up and it looks to me like something akin to A Chi
  11. I was recently walking in the woods behind my house when I found these. I live in Downingtown Pennsylvania. The weather has been hot, around eighty or nightly degrees and humid. We’ve had a few heavy rains in the past few days. They were growing on an old stump, presumably oak however it was to old to tell completely. The stems are white with a brown cap and white gills.
  12. So i was in the backyard and touched some mushrooms and then I touched my mouth can anyone Id these and let me know if I should be worried?
  13. I Found these on buffalo dung after two nights of rain. in the stems they are very watery. the whole mushroom is small and thin with no blue bruising.
  14. So each year I find this clump of mushrooms growing here in our yard while I'm mowing. I believe there is dead tree stump under them all.
  15. I know almost nothing about mushrooms and these were in my yard. I was just curious what kind they are.
  16. Hello, I am Olena fom Ontario, Canada. I love foraging for mushrooms, it is in my blood I think. I am very glad to join your forum.
  17. I found this walking a trail and was looking for help iding it, is it edible?
  18. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some Rhodocollybia maculata? I know they like to grow on dead pine trees but I was wondering if they prefer a specific species of pine tree and where they can be found in California. I cannot find much detailed information about them anywhere. I live in Santa Barbara so it would be amazing if I could find some here (although I doubt it ). Any information would be amazing. I am looking to make spore prints of these guys.
  19. I would like to say hi and nice to meet you to everyone that indulges their time and energy in the wonderful mysterious world of mycology and fungi. I am new to mushrooming and must have photographed over 30 species of mushroom this past 3 days and am on a quest to ID them, understand them, and learn their life cycles. I greatly appreciate any help given and am looking to find local or national mushroom groups as well. Happy holidays and Merry mushrooms!!
  20. Hello again y'all! These guys I found are right outside my front door near plants that I grow behind a hedge. A year or so ago I spread primarily oak based shredded wood with leaves and all from a local company all under the hedge in question. This is the second or third round of these guys popping up albeit many other species as well. At first I assumed that they were likely inedible so I didn't take pics before this round. Researching online about FL edibles ran me into the honey mushrooms. Then I realized these look almost like what I saw online. In fact after seeing the honeys
  21. Hello! New guy here looking to get into mushrooming in my area. There's many around right now so seems fit to join and see what I'm finding! Would not eat anything before knowing 100% what species any are but am looking to try my local edible types. I believe I've found some reishi and one edible bolete. I'll make a post for today's finds in the appropriate area though. Looking forward to learning and sharing with y'all! Peace DShroomGuy
  22. Curious if anyone can help identify these. I am a noob and would love to find some truffles and morels, but I found these and believe they are either panaeolus cinctulus or Panaeolina foenisecii. Again this is a new hobby and I could be way off. The prints are nice and the shrooms are in the trash as I doubt they are edible. I also spent $4.99 on an iPhone app that doesn't recognize anything I show it so your help is much appreciated but not the end of my world if nobody replies. Thanks!
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