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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to mushrooms and trying to learn... Today l spotted these guys at a recently planted office space, these look like yellow morels? Completely hollow on the inside
  2. Hi I am new to foraging. I didn’t think June 1st would Still sport these mushrooms and I didn’t even intend to come across them. i wanted to confirm if these look like the yellow morel?
  3. I'm in Ontario, Canada. Went for a bike ride yesterday and found what I believe to be a yellow morel right off the path. Growing from the soil, not under any tree's, all on it's own. Hollow, irregular pockets/ grooves, and a pretty uniform shape. Didn't have much for fragrance but it was small. Am I correct?
  4. Here are some of the morels that the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Mycology Club has found over the past week. They have been found mainly under dead elms on south facing slope.
  5. Hello! I'm new here and would like to ask some help for identifying what type of morel this is. There are a lot of them grown in my backyard now. Want to be sure if they can be cooked and eaten. Thanks
  6. Hello, I found morels growing in my field today. The is a different pheno than I have ever seen before so I thought it best to ask before eating them. I have never seen them with the wavy granulated stem before. Most that I find here like more like clam necks. I'll post pics of the ones I found under the cotton woods yesterday in another thread. This morel is growing in an open field in western washington. Looks to be a patch of about 20 with new ones forming. also should I be selective in harvesting them? I don't want to pick them out.
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