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Found 3 results

  1. First thing I want to say here is DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER! I have no real opinion on the value of medicinal mushrooms except that they probably dont do any harm and that some of them probably have some medicinal value. So please refrain from calling me an idiot. This morning I saw a post by M... that had some pics of what appear to be oyster mushrooms and noted that 2 of the groups in the photo had fruiting bodies neatly stacked one above the other in the way that Hypsizygus generally fruits. I havent found Hypsi in a couple of years so I went to Michael Kuo's mushroomexpert.com to look at his entry for Hypsizygus to refresh my memory. The link to the entry is here: https://www.mushroomexpert.com/hypsizygus_tessulatus.html but to save everyone the trouble of going to look Im going to paste what Kuo said there about medicinal mushrooms. He said: " Regarding the putative "medicinal" properties of this mushroom: I am sorry to put it this bluntly, but this mushroom is not going to cure your cancer, nor any other ailment you may have—and if someone has sold you a product based on the assumption that it will, you have purchased some snake oil from a witting or unwitting charlatan. The only health benefits associated with consuming species of Hypsizygus result from the exercise involved with hunting for them in the woods. There is no legitimate scientific support for the idea that mushrooms are medicinal in any specific, eat-them-to-get-better way. None. There is only pseudoscience, bad science reporting in the mainstream news media, and very wishful science reporting in the alternative health media. For further information, see Nicholas Money's "Are mushrooms medicinal?" (2016). " So of course I found Nicholas Money's "Are mushrooms medicinal?" (2016) on the internet and actually read what the guy had to say. If you are into medicinal mushrooms then you also should read this because he essentially says nobody has actually proved anything about the usefulness of mushrooms in curing anything. He also takes a pretty big swing at Paul Stamets and his company Fungi Perfecti. The link to this piece is here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1878614616000180 enjoy.
  2. Here's a really cool shot of a Chanterelle that was way, way far under a log Looking for info on this mushroom. Intense dark red-to Orange-to white color Shiny, glossy wet coating. Photo doesn't do it justice. Real eye popping. Found under Douglas firs in a place that regrew after a forest fire (real gold mine!) in the North Oregon Coast Range. Chanterelles & Cauliflower Look this shroom up. It is a medical miracle! Reduces tumors, stops tumor growth, stops heart attacks, and so many other medicinal qualities that It would be way easier for you to look up then for me to try and list. no kidding! 10 LB. Cauliflower mushroom I discovered this fall. Found 15' from a huge Douglas Fir stump
  3. Hi im a shroom hunter from nor cal where we are really lucky to have an abundance of mushroom varieties of excellent quality. after all the redwoods are located in a temperate rain forest so we get lots of water, 36 inches last month. I'm really excited to join this forum and share my love of mushroom hunting, cooking, identification, chemistry, and fun uses like dying and art. feel free to send me cool pictures or questions to me. I love to cook too and trade recipes.
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