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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Sorry for not having better/more images. My friend has recently discovered mushrooms near her apartment in Central Florida. Best guesses I had were some kind of Boletus and maybe some Lobster mushrooms. For the Bloetus, maybe Sensibilis or Oliveisporus? I cannot find any images online that look like these. But I am interested in what they are!! 🍄 Thank you in advance!!
  2. Please help identify. No particular smell. Grows on soil.
  3. Found near Mount Si in North Bend.
  4. Hello all, Is there such thing as a Lobster mushroom not being "lobstery" enough? Or are they (russula brevipes in this case?) tasty as soon as they look slightly lobster-ised?
  5. Hey All - Went looking for black Trumpetts, places where I have seen them small lately. Came up empty, but found these. All were found on USFS Lands, western NC in mixed hardwood forest 4000-5000 feet in elevation, under rhododendrons. The lobsters were found in a steep wash area, trying to bust thru the floor/leaves. 1st up - Cinnabars I think. Next Up - Lobster I think. Evident shellfish smell. And found red crayfish nearby, an obvious sign, ha ha. Lastly 2 photos. Maybe a Bolete, maybe not, as I have not started studying these beyond looking at pictures. Any feedback always appreciated. -Sherb
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