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Found 6 results

  1. I have these growing on trees in the woods around my house here in GA. Right now, the one pictured is about the size of a toddler's head with a yellow tint. I've seen them grow to basketball size and they tend to turn more white as they age. I wanted to try to get more info on these, as I've heard they're both tasty and have medicinal uses. I usually don't bother with wild mushrooms as I don't have the expertise to feel assured that they are what I believe them to be, but since I've read Lion's Mane has no lookalike neither poisonous or otherwise, I feel more at ease and curious about them, but as stated, I'm no expert and don't really know if any of this is true. I've also heard there are several varieties? These tend to regrow every early spring in the same places, always on living trees in the woods.
  2. I love hericium erinaceus and am thinking about taking this to agar media and petri dishes!
  3. I found this in an old cottenwood tree. Is it a lions mane, cuz I wanna eat it? Is there any thing else it could be? In other words, is there any possibility of it being a look alike and being poisonous? Thank You
  4. Basket of bears head(pom pom du blanc) and lions mane from my backyard. i love to sauté in a nice garlic beurre blanc sauce. the lions mane have the texture of sea anemone tentacles, exotic. scroll down page.
  5. This is on a fallen limb out of a large oak. Complete luck, Another first for me unless I'm wrong some how. Matt
  6. Although my sister found a beautiful bearded tooth last year, this is the first one I've found. It's very young and small. It's actually only about fist sized, but the closeup photo makes it look larger. It was, of course, WAY too high for me to reach! (from northwet GA)
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