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Found 3 results

  1. Hi people I found this mushroom in late June in a mountain, forest area outside of Tokyo during a rainy spell. The smell of it was incredible, very aromatic and floral/nutty almost. Looked it up in my book but nothing matched well. I added a picture of the same mushroom split lengthways a few days later - by that time some of the white had changed to yellow.
  2. Hello from the land of the rising sun! I have a question for all you experts. I live in southern Japan and every March I get Morchella growing in my garden. I have tentatively IDed them as M. elata, but I'm not sure. Please have a look and let me know what you all think. Importantly, these should be edible, yes? All the people here I show these to say they have no knowledge of them being eaten, which is crazy given how much folks love them throughout the world. I should mention I am an American who collected morels in the woods of New York as a child. Thanks!
  3. I'm an American expat living in southern Japan (Kyushu) for 15+ years. I have loved mushrooms since I was a kid, but have limited knowledge. I love all nature and have been keeping an eye on the fungi of Japan since landing here. Lots of great stuff here, not unlike what I saw back in the states.
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