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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, could anyone help with identifying this mushroom? - found near birch trees - however may be unhelpful because it was found upturned and already picked from the ground - don't know where it was picked from - live in the uk, frequent rain - as shown, is a large white mushroom with dark gills - cap diameter was 25cm across, with ragged edge (as shown) and the sides of the cap slope up (shown in img 3) - thought they might be pavement mushrooms but it seems to big to be one? - found the mushroom's stem with a yellow patch on it, but after bruising it the flesh did not turn yellow thank you!
  2. Hi! I have been observing these for a while in the woods behind my house for a while now. They started out as these little bulbs on the surface of the ground and recently sprouted up and revealed these little black bulbs. Does anyone know what these are called?
  3. Hey everyone!! this is my second find it looks a lot more like a psychedelic one. There is bruising on the stem that’s slightly brown. The underneath of the hood is not sticky or waxy. It is growing out of wood and moss in a tropical coastal region in Kenya. Any ids would be helpful also I will try provide as much additional info as possible. They are also quite small the larger of the two being about an inch in height.
  4. I Found these on buffalo dung after two nights of rain. in the stems they are very watery. the whole mushroom is small and thin with no blue bruising.
  5. Hello everyone, I Live in southern Ontario , and today I found a ton of mushrooms near maple tree roots. I think they are galerinas but just wanted to confirm that they are not cubescens or any other type of psychedelic mushroom. Brown caps, whitish brown/grey/white twisty stipes , light brown gills, No brusing on any of them as far as I can see, I don't know why but they didn't really leave any spore print after 45 mins of sitting under a glass, please lmk if you know what these are asap thank you.
  6. Hello Good day, i found these mushroom growing on a stump in my yard and was wondering are they safe to eat and what kind are they. I am new to the mushroom hunting and still learning. thanks for all the help to guys ( i live in USA, FL if that may help with the mushroom identifying )
  7. Location:South-Western Ohio we found the red and yellow ones in this patch of these little clover things in our yard between two maples (theres also a tree line nearby maybe 10 ft) but the white ones we found in clump and clusters by a bunch of dead limbs and tree stumps in a nother tree line, and i was just wondering the species and if they were edible also the red ones have a bluish bruising on them (we think theyre bicolored boletes)
  8. I found lots of mushrooms which 'appear' to be larch bolete in beds of pine needs in a group of many pine larch trees. Under the cap they are tubular, butterscotch color on the cap, peelable, The stem is thick but not the real chunky stems. Are there any other identifying marks you could tell me about to identify these? thanks so much Linda
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