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  1. This is the mushroom bunch I found while hiking in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora district to be precise. It has brownish gills with very less amount of spore print. Although the little anount of spores that were collected were dark brown in colour. The top is totally white with someof them having very pale blue linings at the periphery. Kindly help me identify this species.
  2. Found these growing on some old decaying wood near a lake in Virginia. Not sure what they could be any ideas would help thank you! I collected some so if more photos would help I'd be happy to post them
  3. Anyone have ideas on this little yellow/orange oddball? Found in northwest Washington in a forest of mostly cedar and alder, close to a large wetland. Just curious about this little guy.
  4. I believe I have found some oyster mushrooms, I was again floating the river and noticed these growing out of a tree on the bank. No stems, and the gills ran all the way to the base.
  5. I finally was able to return and collect the Hen of the woods I had IDed last week! (I'll add photos to that post in the morning.) While harvesting I noticed another mushroom beginning to grow from the sides of the stump that the multiple hens were surrounding. I did not harvest any of this mushroom as I am still very uncertain of what it could be? I took a stab at it with Lion's mane optimistically bc we are starting to experience cold nights here and one source said the LM are a "winter mushroom"
  6. Hello and thank you for viewing this post and any help you may offer. I have been interested in learning how to identify mushrooms but have not had much luck making any positive IDs yet. So my desire to ID an edible mushroom has brought me here. I know this isnt a Pleurotus ostreatus due to the presence of a stem and the gills not coming down the stem but, I believe it may be a variation of an oyster mushroom. It is growing directly on a tree that was cut down early this year. I am located in West Central Virginia, in the blue ridge valley. I'd love some help from more experienced enthusiasts. Thank you!
  7. I believe I may have found my 1st hen of the woods mushroom. I was fishing in my kayak on the river today when I noticed a mushroom at the foot of a stump. I stopped and snapped a few pics, and grabbed a few to inspect further. I am excited to hear if you all think my ID is correct, if so I'm going back and collecting the rest! I took pictures of 3 separate ones all growing in about the same location, I was assuming the yellowed one was just an older specimen? A few close up pics since I'm now home
  8. Found a bunch of these today Double checking to see if they're mica's Very fragile, dark gills, slimy to touch, found on a rotting tree stump (don't know the type possibly eucalyptus)
  9. I need help finding out what this is. It is soft to the touch but not slimy. It almost smells exactly like your regular white storebought mushrooms, and it's growing in my backyard, as shown, in clusters. I have found that it is similar to the foresight funnel (faerberia carbonaria) but the color is completely different. Please help because I have four dogs I constantly have to watch because I can't find out how to positively identify this mysterious fungus. I wear a US size 9 for reference in one of the photos
  10. Hi there, I am an Indian and quiet interested about untapped potential with the extensive mushrooms that grow in my region. Basically it’s not part of our cuisine much but I wish to identify the wild ones growing here and if possible incorporate it into my meals in the future. i have attached a few pics of the mushrooms I usually find in my area. Higly appreciate your help and expertise with regard to this.
  11. I found this walking a trail and was looking for help iding it, is it edible?
  12. Hi everyone - can someone please tell me if these mushrooms are ok to eat - there are a lot of these around here at the moment - many thanks basil
  13. Hi everyone !!!! I'm a newbie here. Just wanted to know if anyone could give a shot identifying these ? They were found growing in the yard in the vicinity of an oak tree. Locale is Stone Mountain Ga. S.E. U.S.
  14. It's not your typical golden chanterelle but has the false gills of one. An important bit of information is it has a hollow stem, so when you loo down the indent in the cap you can see into the stem.
  15. What kind of mushroom is this? It is a rather firm mushroom without gills. It's located in my yard between a few trees, mostly oak. Although it's not right next to one of the trees it is likely to be very near their root system. It's about the size of my hand. I live out in the country at the moment so this isn't some manicured lawn.
  16. My dog is Stella may have ingested these mushrooms. Is there anyway to tell if this is a poisonous amanita? She has already been to the vet and been treated but I just wanted to try identifying here. She's still super out of it. We won't know how severely she was poisoned until we see how she reacts in the coming days.
  17. Hello friends, I have two more mushrooms that are in need of identification! MUSHROOM 1: I found this mushroom growing on a tree that almost seemed to be dead. I could not see any leaves growing from the tree besides leaves from the vines that were entangled around its trunk. I found it on June 4th in a wetland forest in Tennessee. This mushroom is squishy and easy to cut. The fungi was out of my reach, and I had to use a tool to cut it down. It is a bright white color and it seemed to resemble a crystal. It has pore tubes on the bottom side. This mushroom was growing by itself. Pictures are labeled as "Squishy. MUSHROOM 2: I found this mushroom on campus. It is brown and has a conical shaped cap. There were a couple clustered together and growing in one group. This one has gills and its cap is dark in the center and then there is a gradient fading out until it is a light brown at the edges. This one was growing near a tree but on soil. Pictures are labeled as "Brown cent". Thanks, Your friend Shroomguy
  18. Hello! I'm new here and would like to ask some help for identifying what type of morel this is. There are a lot of them grown in my backyard now. Want to be sure if they can be cooked and eaten. Thanks
  19. Location:South-Western Ohio we found the red and yellow ones in this patch of these little clover things in our yard between two maples (theres also a tree line nearby maybe 10 ft) but the white ones we found in clump and clusters by a bunch of dead limbs and tree stumps in a nother tree line, and i was just wondering the species and if they were edible also the red ones have a bluish bruising on them (we think theyre bicolored boletes)
  20. Hi all, im from Lincolnshire in the UK. i'm pretty new to mushrooms in general and i was wondering if anybody knows what this is? its about 3 and a half inches across. the stalk was similar to a supermarket bought mushroom. Hope you are all well, Dan
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