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Found 2 results

  1. I'm fairly sure ive found Chanterelles in my own backyard! Ive never found Chanterelles before, and I'm pretty new to mushrooms and any sort of foraging so I want to be absolutely 100% completely sure theyre not false Chanterelles. As many opinions as I can possibly get!!They're growing along the edge of a large English Ivy patch, all from the soil and not wood. I'm in Georgia. Let me know if any additional info is needed! Furthermore, if they are Chanterelles, should I harvest them now or check in after the next big rain storm (im actually expecting one tonight) to see if they're bigger? Most of my mushroom experience is limited to admiring so sorry if thats a really obvious question
  2. Could someone please help me with identification. These are from my front yard Seriously! I bought a house, moved in two weeks ago, and voila, a giant chanterelle patch. It is quite magical. I want to be absolutely sure, so help please? I took a tiny bite. Here are some details: They taste good, peppery. I don't know about apricot smell. Maybe I don't have a very good nose. They are growing under an oak and a beech in a mossy area next to a stream. Sounds like the right habitat, right? They are scattered about under the tree, not growing on wood. Still good, right? No gills. Uniform color, though quite orange, like a bright orangey egg yolk from a healthy free range chicken, more what I would call orange than yellow. The color in the photos looks like a lighter yellow than they seem in real life. I live in southeastern PA, specifically Malvern, PA. Nice rainy weather here. Steamy today. Could someone confirm this identification before I throw a few dozen of them into a pot? I would probably go ahead and eat them, but my family is skeptical. I did some mushroom hunting as a young kid, but I want to be absolutely sure. Follow this link for images... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zob4g6set1m58mp/AAB9t5Ai2DbVu8no5CvLwAHUa?dl=0
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