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  1. This is my first time growing and I am trying to use “PF TEK.” I am having success with almost every step, however, after 8 weeks in the fruiting chamber I still have not had any mushroom growth. Below I have described my process from spore purchase until now. If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated because I am lost. Thank you for your help! To begin I purchased a live liquid culture syringe of Lion’s Mane from MycoHaus. I assumed these are a reputable dealer considering they sponsor the Shroomery forum. I am going to skip over the details regarding creating the cakes, inoculation, and sterilization because my cakes look healthy at full colonization approximately 2 – 3 weeks after I inoculated them. Following full colonization, I allowed them to sit for one week. The pic below is right before I birthed the cakes from the mason jars. After birthing the cakes, I submerged them in water for 24 hours. I then covered them in vermiculite and placed them in the fruiting chamber. My fruiting chamber has 10 centimeters of wet perlite in it. My grow light has a color of 6000K and runs on a 12-hour cycle. Similarly, I mist the cakes whenever they look dry (1 or 2 times a day) and fan them 3 times a day. I have them set up in my closet with the door always open a foot or two because I figured my living room would not allow the humidity in the fruiting chamber to stay high enough due to my air conditioning. After 4 weeks of no growth I removed the cakes from the chamber, re-wet the perlite, and placed the cakes back in the fruiting chamber. It has now been 8 weeks and I have not been able to get a single mushroom to grow. Below I have inserted pictures of my set up and cakes as they are currently (8 weeks after being placed in the fruiting chamber). I have scoured the internet trying to determine why my cakes are not fruiting. One person noted in another forum that you won’t be able to grow only a few cakes in a large fruiting. However, if this were true, then why can this guy manage to grow 6 cakes in such a large fruiting chamber (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jkZKbip3Po – skip to 9:25 in)? Similarly, my fruiting chamber seems to hold humidity decently as I can feel the moisture when I stick my hand inside of it. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help : )
  2. Found this little guy in my moms garden in some wood chips after heavy rain. It has kind of a fuzzy brown top, feels dry. Black spore print. Grew in a small cluster but they did not appear attached at the bottom
  3. I came across this white mushroom in the woods while hiking in southern Ohio and I am new to mushroom identification / hunting. Does anyone have any idea of what this mushroom species this is? Appreciate the help, Thanks! 😀
  4. Hello, I picked some mushrooms today and was in need of some help indentifying them :) It rained heavily last night so some of them have been damaged (second load). I know there are two types here. Many thanks!
  5. Help would be much appreciated, the mushroom is tall and thin, cream coloured with small amounts of yellow, and the cup is a fairly uniform semi circle. I found it growing in a bit of dry mud, surrounded by grass and trees.
  6. Hello, I found these in my yard under a trashed tarp after getting ancy about going out and really hunting lol. Middle Michigan area, brown/white caps, can’t really see gills and they’re small so I don’t even know if someone could help. Just here to learn, not trynna eat these lmao. Thanks!!
  7. Can anyone help to identify this mushroom in North Jersey on border of NY
  8. Hi guys! Just found these little guys on the north island of New Zealand around the Te Puke area. Think they may be liberty caps but not sure - can anyone help ID? Thank you!!
  9. Hello! Can anybody identify these? I do however know the white ones in the basket are Agaricus Campestris and a Waxcap but I need help with the other. much love ✨
  10. Anybody familiar with these lil guys?
  11. Can anyone help identify, is this magic? I only saw this 1 in the woods of north Florida. Growing from a dead log. Thanks!
  12. Hi, i am pretty new to this mushroom hunting business and could use some help with an id. I found these growing under pine(in UK)I had thought it could be leocopaxillus tricolor but the cap Is more a grey colour. The gills rub off easily leaving a smooth surface on the underside of the cap. Many thanks!
  13. So i was in the backyard and touched some mushrooms and then I touched my mouth can anyone Id these and let me know if I should be worried?
  14. Hello all! I was taking a nice stroll and came across the mushrooms in open, mossy, grass. Found in West Michigan. It was located in a grassey mossy swath--about 5 feet right of the forest boundary, and 5 feet left from paved sidewalk. It rained steadily for the past few weeks. The temperature the past few days were ranging around 45-70 degree Fahrenheit. Spore prints are in the works, but looks as if it will be a darker orange or purple-black.
  15. I have this interesting and quite large (3 to 4 ft in length, seems like) orange parchment hanging around my local conservation in the stripped bark of a pine tree (my apologies for not being skilled enough to nail the species of the tree). Up close to it the entire fruiting body seemed pretty meaty as if it would make a great mushroom head on the forest floor, not at all like a jelly fungus or other parchments I've seen. I didn't have time to collect much on it so if there is enough interest I could return to it tomorrow and see what else I could collect that would help. I refrained from removing any of it because there was a stern sign that said $500 fine for "disturbing wildlife" which could mean a lot of things. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here are the pics. Edit: This is in southwest Virginia near the Carolina border. Elevation is 600 to 700 meters.
  16. Hello everyone, I Live in southern Ontario , and today I found a ton of mushrooms near maple tree roots. I think they are galerinas but just wanted to confirm that they are not cubescens or any other type of psychedelic mushroom. Brown caps, whitish brown/grey/white twisty stipes , light brown gills, No brusing on any of them as far as I can see, I don't know why but they didn't really leave any spore print after 45 mins of sitting under a glass, please lmk if you know what these are asap thank you.
  17. So i found this one just growing in my grass. it wasn't by tress or on poop or seeds or anything like that as far as i could tell it was just growing there in the middle of my lawn.. i am not going to eat it i am doing a spore print with it now but want to see what you guys think, the skirt is want makes me think it will kill me. ( i am thinking its a death cap) also the stem got damaged but you can see it in some pics all broken up it was pretty long
  18. I found these on a chanterelle hunt I thought they may be hedgehogs but not sure. They are very meat and delicious looking and smelling.
  19. I live in Lacey, Wa (Yay PNW!) and love exploring nature. During work i stumbled upon two mushrooms, one in infancy and the other is bulbous but expanding everyday. I am wondering if this is the famous Muscaria that is colloquially well-known. Please help me in identification, this is most and would be very much appreciated!
  20. I found this on what I believe is an oak. It is still live? I cannot determine whether or not it is actually a reishi however I did find Reishis growing on a stump about 10 feet away..
  21. I found a few of these Mushrooms growing on a grass lawn in the state of Maine. Any ideas of what they are and if they are edible? Thank you for any help
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