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Found 7 results

  1. hiii!! i live in georgia and was out hunting shroomies when i found this guy! i have tried everything to find out what he is with no luck!! 😨 he was growing on a fallen log and the weather has been around 60 degrees if that helps!
  2. I'm fairly sure ive found Chanterelles in my own backyard! Ive never found Chanterelles before, and I'm pretty new to mushrooms and any sort of foraging so I want to be absolutely 100% completely sure theyre not false Chanterelles. As many opinions as I can possibly get!!They're growing along the edge of a large English Ivy patch, all from the soil and not wood. I'm in Georgia. Let me know if any additional info is needed! Furthermore, if they are Chanterelles, should I harvest them now or check in after the next big rain storm (im actually expecting one tonight) to see if they're bigger? Most of my mushroom experience is limited to admiring so sorry if thats a really obvious question
  3. Tightly bunched growing at the end of a freshly broken branch. They had peach/orangish colored gills with almost sandpaper-like faded peachy caps.
  4. I came across these cool rusty polypores. They look like melted iron! I was in Northern Georgia/Western North Carolina hiking the appalachian trail in December. I am unable to identify these even a little bit. The last pic shows what i believe to be unrelated species found on the same tree.
  5. I found these beauties on a moss-covered tree in late december. I believe these are panellus serotinus given the time of year but could they maybe be pleurotus ostreatus? There appears to be little or no attaching stalk, kidney bean color, crowded gills that appear a lighter shade of the caps.
  6. Found these hiking in NC but need some help on how to go about classifying polypores.
  7. Unkown polypore I caught a quick glimpse of. I am not expecting an ID given the vast amount of polypores and my lack of photographing its underside, but wanted to see if someone can point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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