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Found 1 result

  1. Summer solstice 2018 I had a huge reishi foresting year. The hemlocks around me flushed out an abundance. Normally I dry and powder what I harvest. That year I decided to make some into a tincture. Well, I did a really good job putting it in a dark place and forgetting about it. I don't know enough about the tincture process to know if it has gone bad. I know the normal process would have been me taking the fungi out after 6-8 months and and extracting a little more goodness out of them through distilled water / slow cooker. And adding that water to get the appropriate alcohol content so it would still be shelf stable. BUT since the vodka has been sitting with the reishi for going on 3 years, what has happened? Is it ok because this is such a woody mushroom? Knowledge appreciated! Thank you!
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