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Found 10 results

  1. Found this little guy in my moms garden in some wood chips after heavy rain. It has kind of a fuzzy brown top, feels dry. Black spore print. Grew in a small cluster but they did not appear attached at the bottom
  2. Hello all, I just noticed this "introduction page". I posted right away about a youtube video after I registered my account. Sorry about that. My name is Ming and currently I live in New Jersey. I became super intrigued by mushroom and fungi since 2019. Since then I join the NJ and NY mycological societies to learn about mushrooms and fungi. I love taking pictures and videos of mushroom. Therefore I created my youtube channel very recently about mushroom. I came to the US in August 2009, to continue my education and earned my doctors degree in Chemistry in 2014. I was born and raised in China. My hometown, Guizhou Province, has a big tradition using mushrooms for culinary purposes. I was influenced by this mushroom-loving culture when I was young. It may be the reason why I love mushroom so much at this moment. Currently I work as a scientist in a cosmetic company, and I would like to make friends here. I have great interest in mushroom hunting, especially when observing mushrooms I have never seen before. I join the forum, to learn, and to enjoy the time together as we all have the mutual interest in fungi. Thank you very much! PS: when you feel free, you can always to stop by and watch the videos I make (I only have one now https://youtu.be/lY96uAcSwvc). I will keep updating bi-weekly and try to deliver good-quality content. Best, YM
  3. Hi all, I'm a very novice forager - I only feel confident in identifying chicken of the woods and morels - and I noticed there were some other mushrooms growing amongst the chicken of the woods I picked today. Not knowing if these are toxic or not, I'm wondering if I need to be worried about the chicken of the woods having been contaminated by these other mushrooms? Is it possible for chicken of the woods to absorb toxins from other fungi touching them or growing from the same stump? I've attached pictures of the other mushrooms here. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I'm a novice. I live between DC and Baltimore, and there are not a lot of public woodlands within easy reach. The few that seem like good options are either research refuges, national parks or state parks. I have found it to be extremely difficult to find a straight answer as to what the laws about foraging for mushrooms are in the US or Maryland, and I would also like to know if the rules are different between state/national parks/forests etc.. For example, I found a NPS statement that says it is illegal to remove any plant material from any national park, but on several national park websites, particularly in the pacific northwest, but also in the Shenandoah there is actually advice about collecting mushrooms. I don't want to break laws, and I love the park system and want to support it. I emailed the research refuge but got no response. Is there already a topic on this? Does anyone have a recommendation as to where US foraging laws are clearly laid out? Or failing that, a couple suggestions as to where it is definitely legal would suffice! (other than backyards, I just ain't got one )
  5. Hi, new member of the forum and enthusiast forager trying now mushrooms. I found some of this mushroom in my yard, i identified it first as a member of the stinkorn family due to being near a mature one the time and now due to more research i truly believe it to be a Purple Stinkhorn... And im very curious on trying to eat the egg... Can someone verify if im correct or if im wrong? Thank you so much!
  6. Hi! I'm very new to mushroom finding/foraging and though I'm not at all ready to eat any of my finds, I'd love help identifying this black mushroom I found on a walk today. I believe it was growing nearby to some oak trees. Its cap is black/dark brown in color and the pores are black. When broken apart the profile of the pores are grey and the flesh pale grey, with the pores and flesh turning reddish before going fully dark grey/black. I hate to assume it is a T. alboater but wondered if someone could point me in a good direction for finding out what it might be? Thank you so much! I'm excited to continue learning about this fascinating kingdom!
  7. Hello! I found this mushroom growth in a few places in the woods near my family's cabin and I'm incredibly curious if it's edible. I'm interested in wild mushroom foraging as a hobby and would like to learn more about it. This is my first opportunity to try to identify a mushroom and I could use the help. Here are details: I have found three specimens, all in wooded areas, all growing, as best as I can tell, on rotting wood: 1 - pics with fully circular growth (in shadow and out): growing near a stump, as far as I can tell the base of the colony is an exposed root of that stump. 2 - pics against base of tree (one wide shote, one with hand pulling back to show underside and base, one close up on top): Tree appears healthy, but may have a rotten area at base? 3 - broken off piece (held in my hand and close up shot): Picked separately, on rotting wood. Features - striations of different shades, but not bright colors. Pores on underside, not smooth and no teeth. All of the examples I found online show this type with brighter colors, closer to a wild turkey tail. These are pale but I don't see resemblance to any other type I've found. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. I am new to foraging for mushrooms. Do anyone knows a really good book or the best book for mushrooms id?
  9. Looking to hook up with edible mushroom foragers in or around Wewahitchka, FL. I have a fair bit of knowledge and can identify a fair amount of species with confidence. There are a few finds from my new location I needed ID'd but broke my device and don't have the pics now... Anyways I need some like minded buddies to hunt, trade, and share with! I'm mainly a green thumb but want to broaden my horizons as much as possible. I've grown some mushrooms before but not to a massive degree and want to get reacquainted after several years now too. Please someone out there let's go looking! DShroomGuy
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