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  1. Again, confused. Yellow pores with yellow flesh. The flesh has bright golden spots (bugholes?) Taste is slightly sour or tangy. Found near oak.
  2. New to mushroom hunting, and wanting to take some homeschooling this year kids out to experience the fun! Does anyone have any tried and true places in NW Florida that we should try? I am trying to create a positive (actually find something) experience so they can really get in to it!
  3. Or something else altogether? Orange weeping pore and another quite like it but with red pores. I was going to rule out floridanus because the cap lost color with ammonia. I just went to check again and the ammonia has turned the cap black. First two pics the younger one, 3rd the red pored and possibly over the hill one. actually third photo may be not the same as the other. Looks like the red pored one has white flesh and the other yellow
  4. Found the strangest green mushrooms on a hike with my boyfriend. The texture was spongy. They were located in the woods on a fallen pine. I didnt get a spore print.
  5. Not sure if im doing this correct, this is my first post! My fiance and I found these guys hiking today, we are novice mushroom hunters. Just hoping to get ids if possible. Happy new year to all! This mushroom was found near fallen palm. Mushroom #2 Found near pine. This one is sort of a dull yellow/brown with dark pink gills and meat when cut open. #3 off white with Darker spot on center of cap. Lighter Gills and stalk. From fallen pine #4 orage mushrooms growing on the side of a log, don't remember smooch kind. Harder texture, no gills, thck orange dust when rubbed. No gills. #5 small dirty whie balls filled with brown stuff
  6. Found an oddball and may have lucked into an identification. Does this look right? No mention on Mushroom expert about spore print which is abundant and a creamish in color. Growing from a short sweetgum log.
  7. Started out as a gray bell shape yesterday but I didn't take a picture, too depressed. Decided to put on my big girl pants and went out this morning. Growing from log. Heavy and firm. Spore print on the curved stem is cinnamon brown. Been finding similar throughout the year but growing on mulch/leaf litter/compost. I didn't do a taste test because the log that it is growing from is DH's project and he has heavily fumigated (carpenter ants) to turn into lumber.
  8. Just concentrating on one variety. Thought this would be easy to id but I'm hitting a brick wall. Bright lemon yellow pores that stain blue. Cap flesh instantly stains a pale red that fades to gray. Stipe almost bulbous and textured (scabers?}, stains blue. First picture inside light. 2nd picture outside light. .
  9. All yellow prior to picking. Base stained dk blue immediately. An oak and a pine were right next to each other and I think this was growing ON the pine. Solid flesh, not sure on color because it stained so quickly a half/assed grayish blue. Taste -- my impression was slightly salty but that could be a miss read. Smell, insignificant. This morning the staining of the cap flesh has faded to an ochre or brown.
  10. Don't know what it is but it sho is purdy 🤨 Found on a downed oak (I believe) log laying across the creek.
  11. Found something different.... Thought they would be easy to identify but no luck. Just thought they were cute. Top is about 3/8" across.
  12. Okay, been finding quite a few milkies lately, To borrow the term from Matt (I believe) the three amigos. Totally ignoring the white ones due to thinking that they are probably lactarius piperatus. Picked a few today and did the tongue test. What? Not hot. Smelled like volemus (fishy). Milk stained brown. I didn't take pictures of the ones found this morning. This evening I walked up to the field that is prime hunting ground. Found two more of the white (volemus?} Brought them home. By the time I dug them from my bag the smell was overpowering and they were no longer a pretty white. I did try to research this and there are two varieties of volemus though neither appear to be white.
  13. Ticks all the boxes except that it is said to grow on the Atlantic coast of Florida. I'm about 5 miles inland from the Gulf.
  14. Pretty sure I'm making the correct id here☺️
  15. Found this. Reticulate bulbous stem, white flesh and pores both non staining. The closest I could find that matched was Boletus barrowsii but that is a west coast species.
  16. Hmmmm? Solid. Pores almost nonexistent, may be too young. I think I have found this variety recently in my yard but growing singular. There were a couple growing near the bunch but I left them to get bigger and will check back on them in a day or two.
  17. found a few of these today. Large mature, no bugs. Also one that I believe to be a younger version of the same. One did have minor staining on stem flesh. I did ammonia on one cap, right side on next photo is the reaction. Next photo is the one I believe to be a younger version. And lastly a photo of just the stems.
  18. Been finding a few of these. Flesh firm. Tubes about 1/8 inch. Cap is paler than the photo shows. More of dirty white.
  19. These I can identify 😛 These are the prettiest have yet to find.
  20. Very pleasant tasting.........
  21. Not the first time I have found boletes growing in or on palmettos!
  22. Storm's over and mushrooms out in force. Funny, we've had a rather damp spring and nada, zip. 'Same time as last year all breaks loose and I am overwhelmed! Went walking in the woods yesterday and bagged a lot. Had to run to the grocery store and by the time I got home....... Mush. Went out today with the lesson learned. At least about keeping mushrooms in a hot car Problem is I can't seem to positively id any of these boletes. The one I think I have named is below, the rest to follow one per post. Could this be chestnut bolete? Ammonia test done and turned orange.
  23. I believe these are different than the previous as the cap color is a bit yellower and the cap flesh stains also
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