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Found 9 results

  1. Here's a really cool shot of a Chanterelle that was way, way far under a log Looking for info on this mushroom. Intense dark red-to Orange-to white color Shiny, glossy wet coating. Photo doesn't do it justice. Real eye popping. Found under Douglas firs in a place that regrew after a forest fire (real gold mine!) in the North Oregon Coast Range. Chanterelles & Cauliflower Look this shroom up. It is a medical miracle! Reduces tumors, stops tumor growth, stops heart attacks, and so many other medicinal qualities that It would be way easier for you to look up then for me to try and list. no kidding! 10 LB. Cauliflower mushroom I discovered this fall. Found 15' from a huge Douglas Fir stump
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. Just moved back to VT from MT and have been loving the late summer foraging! Came across this beauty on my morning dog walk. I believe it to be a purple-gilled laccaria, although my Audubon Field Guide has limited info and the photos aren't great. Thoughts? Going to start a spore print now. What's the best way to store/prep/cook this gorgeous purple specimen?
  3. Anyone knows if this mushroom is edible? 😁
  4. I live in eastern Pa and just found clusters of these gorgeous mushrooms, and I'm hoping they're edible Yellow Oysters. Can someone tell me if they are? They are growing on a fallen log, but I'm not sure what type of tree. My Dad used to pick wild mushrooms and told me one sign of an edible mushroom is if insects are flying around them, which they were. Another is if turtles have bitten them. As you can see on one of the photos bites have been taken. I'd like to harvest them tomorrow.
  5. Dear New Friends, I found these mushrooms growing in my back yard. They were growing under a rock next to a pine tree around a bunch of redwood bark that was placed on the ground. I live in northern Los Angeles County. Elevation of my home is 3000 feet. I wanted to know if I can eat them and I wanted to learn about what they are. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank You! Ben
  6. Looking to hook up with edible mushroom foragers in or around Wewahitchka, FL. I have a fair bit of knowledge and can identify a fair amount of species with confidence. There are a few finds from my new location I needed ID'd but broke my device and don't have the pics now... Anyways I need some like minded buddies to hunt, trade, and share with! I'm mainly a green thumb but want to broaden my horizons as much as possible. I've grown some mushrooms before but not to a massive degree and want to get reacquainted after several years now too. Please someone out there let's go looking! DShroomGuy
  7. So my dog MAY have eaten this mushroom. I would just like to know if it's something to worry about. Also, IF it is poisonous, what are the symptoms to look out for, and how long will it take for them to appear? Also, I dont know if it helps to give my geography, but we're in Houston, Texas.
  8. Hey guys, So I'm wondering if you can help me identify what are these mushrooms and if they are edible or not? I ate similar ones like these in Mongolia, the only difference was the head was grey and smoother, not white... Would really appreciate your help..
  9. These are all in nicely shadowed locations around decently moist soil. There are several all over my yard. I would love to be 100% sure they are edible Morels but I'm afraid that even with the expertise on this site, it's impossible to tell. Any help, or anyone in Orange County that has similar shrooms in their yards?
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