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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a very novice forager - I only feel confident in identifying chicken of the woods and morels - and I noticed there were some other mushrooms growing amongst the chicken of the woods I picked today. Not knowing if these are toxic or not, I'm wondering if I need to be worried about the chicken of the woods having been contaminated by these other mushrooms? Is it possible for chicken of the woods to absorb toxins from other fungi touching them or growing from the same stump? I've attached pictures of the other mushrooms here. Thanks in advance!
  2. Reishi and chicken of the woods? Both grow in my yard. The one I believe that is Reishi grows in abundance around two dead tree stumps and the other just randomly in my yard. Am I right on these identifications? The chicken of the woods looks like a lot of other types in my identification book.
  3. Found these in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky. I’ve only ever eaten the orange variety of hen of the woods. These look and smell almost identical but they are much lighter than I’m used to and they feel porous and almost velvety. Think they are good to eat?
  4. Hello! Can anyone help me identify this mushroom? I have two of them approximately 2ft in diameter growing in my backyard. They are tan in color. Thanks!
  5. I've been out of a few times over the last 10 days in the Raleigh NC area since we've had some good rain over the last 2 weeks. I shared some of these via Facebook, but thought I'd share them here as well. The first trip was on the way to Western NC to visit the parents. I used the NOAA NWS historical precipitation to find a 3-4 inch of rain hot spot near Winston Salem, just off I-40. Found a spot called Salem Lake Park with long greenway around the Lake surrounded by a heavy hardwood forest. Found some bolates as well as my first chanterelles along a moss covered bank. Enjoyed in an omelete the next morning. First chanterelles. Small, but enough for a meal. After a trip to Boulder last week I was ready for hike this weekend. Unfortunately I was late on some of these, but gaining knowledge so I'll be ready next time the chicken and black staining polypore re-emerge. Found my first local Chanterelle. I could be wrong so did not eat these, but they were growing in a wash area, on the bank, moss and evergreen/oak forest. Although the yellow one had yet to break the veil, it's characteristics were just like the chanterelles found a week before. In hindsight it should have been left behind to mature. The orange ones were very small, but forked false gills. orange and yellow chanterelle old chicken. First chicken of the woods. Came close to this area a week before, but turned around just before this tree. Notes taken on date, so next year I'll be ready. young oysters. Found on down poplar. Lots are really small ones were left. Unfortunately I won't be able to go back to harvest. I took enough for a sauteed squash and oyster mushroom dish. Black staining polypore. IDed via Facebook. This had be stumped as it looked like maitake. I thought maybe an old chicken of woods, but Ben Ruben helped identify as meripilus sumstinei, black staining polypore, something new to me. Must have been at least 20 lb of mushrooms in 4-5 clusters around the base of old oak.
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