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Found 9 results

  1. Here's a really cool shot of a Chanterelle that was way, way far under a log Looking for info on this mushroom. Intense dark red-to Orange-to white color Shiny, glossy wet coating. Photo doesn't do it justice. Real eye popping. Found under Douglas firs in a place that regrew after a forest fire (real gold mine!) in the North Oregon Coast Range. Chanterelles & Cauliflower Look this shroom up. It is a medical miracle! Reduces tumors, stops tumor growth, stops heart attacks, and so many other medicinal qualities that It would be way easier for you to look up then for me to try and list. no kidding! 10 LB. Cauliflower mushroom I discovered this fall. Found 15' from a huge Douglas Fir stump
  2. Hello, I will be NEW to the St.Thomas area and I LOVE mushrooms particularly Chanterelles. I wondered if you can pick these beauties in the area? I also wondered about free land- meaning one can walk any where as they do in Scandinavia? Are there forest that one can go pick Chanterelles in the area? I am Canadian but have been living out of the country for over 20 years, things tend to change. I am not very knowledgeable at all about forest picking and defining what is edible or not. I have A LOT to learn, hence my reason for joining this group. The other reason is, I have cancer and I have been taking medical mushrooms for over a year. I wondered if you can find Turkey Tail, Chaga, Maitake and Reishi I am interested in for medical use. I look forward to get to know you and the information. One last question, is there anyone else with cancaner using mushrooms? If so I would enjoy hearing what you are doing. Thank you in advance for your responses
  3. My dad and I found so many of these tonight. We left much more than we took as well, as it is a public space and others might stumble upon them (also so they can spore). They grew for the most part under beech and maple, usually on slopes which were grassy with little else as far as vegetation. I think they're all the same. They seem to smell sweet and fruity (I can see why they say apricots but the smell also reminds me of earwigs if you have ever smelled them) the lighting makes them look less orange but they have an orange tint.
  4. To start with, I live a stones throw away from the Pacific Ocean, and enjoy spending my days nature, be it river, woods, beach, whatever. I have some experience, mostly in: chanterelles, chicken of the woods, and lobster. I have been picking chanterelles with my mom for the better part of a decade, and recently have been wanting to venture out more into the wonderful world of fungi. I am hoping to be able to answer some ID requests for the above mentioned species, while getting help on some of my ID's as well. I look forward to the experience!
  5. I found these all around near the other chanterelles. They were usually closer to a stream and on moss in a hemlock/maple/beech mixed forest. I had some cinnabar chanterelles last year from here and I think they're the same but I'm going to ask just in case. Thanks for any help! Andy
  6. I have heard that 2016 wasn't a good year for Chanterelles in Pennsylvania. Has anyone been finding any here, especially in south central PA? I've found cinnabar chanterelles but they are very small and unsubstantial. I've found a lot of Boletes and stuff but no yellow chanterelles yet. Is the season still going? Thanks, Andy
  7. Thought I hit the jackpot on my bike ride today about 70 miles west of Chicago. I always carry a net bag and a knife just in case. After a little research turns out these shrooms are jack-o-lanterns and not chanterelles. Very similar but not edible.
  8. Hey all. New to the forum, new to hunting. I found these in the western NC mountains yesterday, under approximately 40 to 60 year hardwood forest with an extremely dense rhododenron understory, 5000' elevation, almost boggy, heavy leaf litter. I think the thicker are the goldens (found on edge of forest road) and the thinner (under the rhodos) are the minors or ignicolors but not sure. What I think are the minors have an almost peachy/greyish skin color on the underside. Would appreciate some verification. Also saw black trumpets but did not know they were until I really started studying after returning home. I want to cook up some risotto, but being my first time ever collecting am a wee bit apprehensive. I am fairly confident they are not the false chanterelles by studying hundreds of photos online. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Edit - added another find from this morning. I think these are the goldens?
  9. Having missed morel season and dealing with a dry spring in eastern N.C., I was ready for some mushroom action. Finally the rain is coming and the chanterelles are popping. Hope to be harvesting lots soon and maybe some black trumpets will also start showing up.
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