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Found 3 results

  1. I found several clumps of these around the bottom of a dead oak tree, and there were some clumps a few yards from the base of the tree. Size of the caps ranges from 1 inch to perhaps 4 inches. Can anyone identify these? I believe they are ringless honey mushrooms, but I am very very new to this. I don’t want to eat something I’m not 100% sure about!
  2. Hi everyone, I found these mushrooms growing in my backyard... it's been raining a lot the last few days so I'm not sure if that affects their coloring but I tried to get good photos. They don't stink or smell particularly strong just very slight earthy smell.. I have a dog who likes eating things he isn't supposed to. He's mainly an indoor dog but he still goes out to play ball and run and potty. We always go out there with him, but we can't always have our eyes on him so I just wanted to find out what kind they are and make sure they aren't deadly. Any help identifying them will be very much appreciated! Thank you and have an awesome day!!
  3. Found the strangest green mushrooms on a hike with my boyfriend. The texture was spongy. They were located in the woods on a fallen pine. I didnt get a spore print.
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