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Found 7 results

  1. I live in Maine and have these big brown mushrooms in the damp, shaded part of my yard on the edge of the woods. The caps are about 12 inches in diameter, the stem is whitish brown and grows very slanted until near the cap where it straightens out. The caps are brown (not a solid brown, lots of hues) and are round(ish) but lopsided and tend to droop towards the ground. They grow far apart from each other, not really in clusters. The reason I'm posting this is because I've always been interested in fungi, but never thought I'd run into this. It's possibly ruined it for me. For a week we have been smelling a rotting carcass smell. Identical to a dead animal. I finally tracked it down after walking around the now decaying mushrooms several times. Thinking it would smell like dirt and having not finding the culprit, I decided to give the mushy mushroom a light whiff and almost lost it. The smell is the worst I've ever dealt with. Just like rotting roadkill but inside your nose?! While rotting they look like a mushy pile of dark poop (sorry, no other explanation) and slime. They also have white fuzz growing on the rotting filth, with flies all over it. The smell was so horrid I covered them all with sand because I couldn't bear digging them up and possibly smelling it more. I didn't think to get a picture but I'm sure more will come up. It's NOT a Stinkhorn! Does anyone have ideas as to what they are? They didn't stink when they were alive. Here's a photo of a similar one, but ours have wide, visible stems and aren't in clusters.
  2. I found these growing old dead sump in my yard. As you can see, the mushrooms are growing in a small cluster and joined at the bass. The caps of the mushrooms are very fuzzy and have a fairly deep divit in the center, the gills are decurrent, and the stipe is very stiff and hard to break. I noticed it has a pleasant mushroomy smell. It has a light beige or buff colored spore print. I believe this mushroom may be Panus Crinitus; however this mushroom doesn't seem to be very well documented, so I am still unsure. Any more information and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello! Can anybody identify these? I do however know the white ones in the basket are Agaricus Campestris and a Waxcap but I need help with the other. much love ✨
  4. Hi there please take a look at these and help me decide if they are edible! Won't eat them if we aren't sure but from what I can tell they look and smell like normal large brown store bought mushrooms.
  5. Curious if anyone can help identify these. I am a noob and would love to find some truffles and morels, but I found these and believe they are either panaeolus cinctulus or Panaeolina foenisecii. Again this is a new hobby and I could be way off. The prints are nice and the shrooms are in the trash as I doubt they are edible. I also spent $4.99 on an iPhone app that doesn't recognize anything I show it so your help is much appreciated but not the end of my world if nobody replies. Thanks!
  6. Hey fellow mushroom enthusiasts! I have two more mushrooms I want help identifying. I have attached them as "brown" (last three) and "white cent" (first three). Both are soil mushrooms found in Tennessee as long as 10-15 cm. Thanks friends, Shroomguy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE LOVE SHROOMS...
  7. Found these (images attached) growing on the edge of my lawn, in the county of Cheshire, UK. It's probably common but i can't seem to identify it, so need some help thanks. Would attempt a spore print but i don't want to disturb it. All images are of the same species i believe. Is the specimen in IMG_269 in an early stage? Largest has a span of 21.50 cm with a stem of ~8.50 cm, with others that i could easily measure having spans of 9.00,9.00,11.50 and 11.00 centimetres respectively.
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