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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! Sorry for not having better/more images. My friend has recently discovered mushrooms near her apartment in Central Florida. Best guesses I had were some kind of Boletus and maybe some Lobster mushrooms. For the Bloetus, maybe Sensibilis or Oliveisporus? I cannot find any images online that look like these. But I am interested in what they are!! 🍄 Thank you in advance!!
  2. Light brown/ tan cap, bright yellow pores that bruise first blue and then olive, white flesh, white to brown stem stem, with some light reddish inner coloration at its base, Seems to point to a Xerocomus Subtomentosus specimen...
  3. Hi, I know this is one of the easiest mushrooms to Id but ive never picked any mushrooms before so am a bit paranoid. today I found what seems to be king boletus but I really would like someone with experience to take a look before i go chowing down. I've spent the last 3 hours or so making sure it matches description. Found near Olympic peninsula coast in mixed hemlock/cedar forest. 6-7 in patch. No staining of any kind on stem or cap two hours after cutting. White colored "netting" on Stipe. Oldest specimen had pinkish color around worm holes underside of cap which has me a little worried. Stem greyish while expecting white. White inner flesh. Youngest "bud" specimens almost grey caps in color. The two I kept seem to match pictures pretty well. Smells amazing delicious. Thank you, and apologies for no close-ups of the underside, were chopped up before I found this forum.
  4. Hi there! I’m a first time forager (ok 2nd time - last week I was too chicken to eat my haul so I threw them out!) with a pretty good collection of what I hope are porcini! can anyone give me a positive ID from these photos? I’ve checked out a bunch of websites, but would love the help of an expert forum! We’ve had a ton of rain recently and the woods are full of shrooms! The porcini smell great and have spongy undersides that are cream colored and a little brown on the bottom. No blue when sliced or squeezed! any help is much appreciated! mitch
  5. Kids recently found something almost impossible. Just a few steps from our house in LA on the alley. Seems like recent rains made it happen. There is a whole family 7-10 of these. I grew up in Russia picking mushrooms and able to recognize at least few dozen types. But never saw it in LA. I can't believe my eyes. Before I fry and take a risk can anyone confirm it's a velvet bolete (variegated boletus)? For the record - the cap diameter of the largest one is 17cm. They don't change color when broken. Smell like edible ones.
  6. Hello everyone, i am totally new to mushrooms. I will introduce myself later but really want to post this already. i found this mushroom in a litte grasspatch near a few oak trees. it clearly colors blue when i bruise it. Yellow pores on the downside of the hat, and red-orange flames on the stem. I cant find out witch one it is. Regards, Wannes
  7. Hello mushroom experts! i am new to mushroom foraging, and really new to collecting summer mushrooms. Got off work early and took my wife and toddler to a woodlot this afternoon hoping to find some chanterelles. Didn't find a single one, but found two different boletes. I have a hypothesis for one, but no clue about the other. I'm not going to eat them, but just try and learn more about boletes first. Both locations were mature hardwoods, oaks, sweet gum, maple and beech. There was only one specimen at each location, so certainly not enough for a meal! Any ideas on what I found? Thanks a lot for your help! Robert
  8. Hi I am new in this Forum. I collected in Cape Town yesterday, together with others to follow. Please assist identify this Boletus type and give your opinion on if it is edible. See cut one. I need a second opinion. Many Thanks
  9. First is what I believe to be boletus auripes found under oak in grass.. The next I believe to be boletus frostii found under oak in grass the next I believe to be boletus pallidus found growing next to pine. This species seems to be reported as quite variable in appearance, although this one seems to have reticulation on the stem which may be uncommon.. And one last one of an unknown which I could not get a spore print from.
  10. Hi all, I wanted to share with you an app for Android and Iphone that helps on identifying mushrooms: Boletus The app is very simple to use. You'll need to indicate some characteristics about the mushroom you've fond -color, shape,...-, and you get a list of mushrooms similar to the one described, including name, description, photos,... Moreover you'll be able to navigate through or mushroom database, and find mushrooms by its latin name, common name, or different attributes. And the most important thing. All this is avaiable offline, accessible from the most repote parts where no internet is found. Once you find a mushroom, you can store its localization and view it in a map, so you can come back there whenever you want. You can find the Lite version on Android Market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=my.boletus.demo And in Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boletus-lite-mushrooms/id574896383?mt=8 Or check boletus web site. Hope you enjoy!
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