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  1. Last one (for now). Yard mushroom around my wood piles take at different locations. I think the first is just a juvenile version of the second and the cap hasn't fully opened yet. Will keep an eye on it in the next few days. The ring on the stem is attached and does not slide up or down. As you can tell, I know very little about mushrooms and I rely on photos from books to get me close. Not set up for spore printing yet, either.
  2. I was impressed by the thick stalk.
  3. Looks like only three more.
  4. Interesting color. Not much else to say.
  5. Well, I might as well post the rest. Getting bored?? These formed a fairly ring in a hardwood forest around decayed matter. Only two inches tall at the time. Never got back to check on status. I will this sweek if they are still there.
  6. Found out in a mowed area. Hard shell; can't say much more.
  7. Found along the edge of the woods. Several clumps of them; not individuals. Due to that fact, I did not harvest them. At first, I thought they were Chantelles, but then maybe Jack-O-Lanterns.
  8. These are yard mushrooms forming a fairy ring around White Pine trees. Yellow surface underneath with pores instead of gills.
  9. I've been out a couple times this early Fall here in the Midwest IL), and ran across a couple of mushrooms that are new to me. So, I'll post them individually and number them #1, #2, etc. What I'm really interested in is learning how you identify these mushrooms. Short of going to the pictures in books, what are your criteria for identifying each one. I have two "Edible" mushroom books that I can go through, but that doesn't seem too scientific. So here's #1. Found along the edge of a hardwoods.
  10. That's what I thought, but Honeys were mentioned.....
  11. Unfamiliar with a lot of mushrooms talked about here. What's the one in the photo?
  12. I'll be camping this week and next week, weather permitting, and will be doing a little walking in the woods. I hope to find some Grifola frondosa this year so I can try it one last time. I will take photos of what I collect and I'll break a piece off to see if it turns black (photo) to eliminate the possibility of it being a black staining polypore. i usually find some Laetiporus, but don't harvest too much because there's not much flavor there for me. Still fun to find.
  13. Must be an inside joke. What's the bales (straw/hay?) for?
  14. Unfortunately, I didn't find them, my neighbor did😃.
  15. What about just blanching them instead?
  16. Yes the orange one in the middle is a chanterelle that I left in there by accident. I've been eating some everyday and still have more than I can use, so I'm going to try and freeze some.
  17. Thanks Dave for pointing out the differences and the Latin names. I've been eating them without any ill effects and they are delicious. Hope my neighbor goes to his farm again (2 hours away) and finds some more. I do know of a guy's yard where there where some Omphalotus illudens and collect a specimen just for inspection purposes.
  18. Thanks. Is there a "Thanks" button here?
  19. I think you may be right, Pleurotus pulmonarius. They were found on Ash trees. I have seen them in the late Fall, I think, but they are usually rock hard then.
  20. Thanks, I'll look them up.
  21. Thanks, the neighbors were sure about them, but the responsibility still falls to me. We had a wet July in the Midwest and only periods of high heat. Then recently we had a couple of hi 90s which I believe what dried these ones out a little. Now we're getting more rain the next couple of days, so maybe we'll have a new flush. I may have to go out to my Morel places and look for them.
  22. Sorry, I don't know the latin name. Neighbor finds these on his property in Central IL during the Summer. I've never found any myself. He said a bunch were on an ash tree. Don't know anything else about them.
  23. My neighbor was out in his woods 2 hours from home. He was with a forester and they found a ton of these on the ground. Individually grouped I believe. The location in in Central Illinois, USA. I've never looked for them in the Summer because of the Midwest's heat and bugs. The biggest one is 6" across. Do chanterelles get that big? I tried about a table spoon full in sauted in olive oil about an hour ago. Quite tasty and no ill effects after an hour or so. My neighbors have eaten these before so I thought they were safe. The next time, I'll try a little more until I'm sure. Then I remembered the Jack O lanterns I found once and steered clear by the home owner. They were in a clump at the base of a tree. Can you help me with an identification?
  24. It's Spring and I've only gotten out to check my Morels once last week. Here in the St. Louis area, we haven't really had many days of really warm temperatures like I've noticed in past years. We had a couple of 70 degree days, but then it cooled off. Plus the forest floor ground cover just doesn't look right (as developed) as in years past. We recently had some rain and 60 degree days, but now the Midwest is experiencing a freak April snow. Suppose to get down to 30 overnight. The question is, will the cold temps destroy (freeze) any mushrooms that already up? And isn't it getting late for Morels to start showing up in my area? There's been reports further upstate. My patches are quite a walk away and I'm selective on how often I go and look because of my knees. I would have thought I'd found some last week. Didn't appear to be signs of anyone else in there. And again, the woods just don't look right. Sorry for the rant. I just hate to miss out on finding a few this year. How often do you check your patches? Thanks
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